Tuesday, February 2, 2016

How to Teach CVC Word Families!

Hearing a child learn to read for the first times is one of the greatest joys for parents, teachers and kids! There is nothing like it!  After children learn their letter sounds, the next step is CVC word.  I wanted to share some teaching methods that have worked for me in my teaching career and with my own children.

First of all, beginning/struggling readers need activities that are  FUN, hands-on and engaging.  Kids learn better when they are having FUN! When learning becomes a GAME, kids enjoy the process. No more tears, no more crying, no more boring worksheets! I have created our CVC Fluency Bundle to help beginning/struggling readers succeed with tons of hands-on and fun resources!

In addition to fun, hands-on and engaging resources, kids need repetition.  However, repeated practice doesn't need to be boring!  You don't need to practice the same skill in the same way again and again. Kids need VARIETY.  This CVC Fluency Bundle includes 12 packets to help teach common word families in a variety of ways! 
The packets are progressive in skill. The first packet in the series begins with isolating sounds (beginning, medial and final sounds) in simple CVC word family words. 

Definition of CVC Words: 
Three letter words that have a consonant at the beginning, a consonant at the end and a short vowel in the middle. 
Examples of CVC words:
 cat, dog, bat, nut, him, ran, big, red, map

Examples of three letter words that are NOT CVC words:
the, she, out, you

Each of the following packets are sold individually, 
or you can grab the BUNDLE and save 20%!

Students can color the sounds or use a dot marker (bingo dauber)!

That wraps up the 12 packets that are included in the CVC Bundle!  
Below are some other fun CVC packets that we have!

1. Color- Bottom line...kids love to color and this is coloring with a purpose!  Students will read each word in the boxes at the top of the page.  If the CVC word is a word in the specific word family, they get to color the box.  The different fonts allow students to read and recognize word in a variety of printed and published styles.

2. Spin, Read and Write- Learning becomes a game when get to use a spinner.  A simple paperclip and pencil will make this activity fun for all students!  The bonus is that they are also writing the word int the box next to the spinner.

3.  Word Bank- Students will use the words in the word bank to match the correct cvc to the correct shape of the boxes. 
We are loving this interactive word work!

WEARABLE WORDS are a FUN, interactive and meaningful way to teach kids how to read!  When working with word families, kids need lots of practice and reinforcement.   I find that hands-on learning is the BEST way for kids to learn.  These watches are both FUN and hands-on! 

You can also check out our blog post on our Fluency Strips! 
The Fluency Strips work with both decodable CVC words and simple sight words, which provide kids with a genuine opportunity to practice reading sentences they can decode with early phonics and basic sight words.

I hope these resources are helpful as you enjoy the reading journey!


S.B. Linton said...

It looks like a good resource. If I have to go on the previous items I bought from you, I am sure it is awesome.

Carol 21463 said...

Fully agree with your comments! Fun, fun, fun, repetition, repetition, repetition, hands one, engaging - the works. Kids learn without the tediousness, they're having fun and they love it! This is definitely achieved through your packets! The results speak for themselves!

I have students from last year who keep telling their fellow classmates what fun they had with the R2R packet last year! Unfortunately, my boss this year said he wanted me to do things differently (>groan<)- he still hasn't discovered the benefits of interactive work with children.

In the meantime, I will keep collecting your resources as I totally love them!

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