Sunday, August 9, 2015

SIGHT WORDS: Fun and Effective Ways to Teach Them!

Sight Words are such an important component to any successful reading program.  When kids learn sight words along with phonics skills, they become strong and confident readers!

Did you know...
*12 Sight Words make up 25% of those we read and write
*100 Sight Words make up 50% of those we read and write
*About 300 Sight Words account for 75% of those we read and write

I LOVE to make sight words FUN and exciting for kids! Nearly 5 years ago, I created our Sight Word Caterpillar in our Ready2Read program.  I have taken Sight Words to a whole new level with our new Sight Word Caterpillar! This packet covers 218 Sight Words from Pre-Primer to 3rd Grade!  
There are 10 activities that can work with all of these sight words!

Each time we learn new sight words, we add it to our GROWING caterpillar!
It is a fun way for kids to visually see how many words they area learning.
The more they learn, the longer the caterpillar grows!

Here are the activities included in this packet:
Spin a Sight Word
Write 5 sight words on the spinner. Use a paperclip and a pencil to make a spinner. Spin and write the words on the caterpillar.

Roll and Read a Sight Word
Rol a die and read that number of sight words. If you read the words correctly, dot a circle for each sight words. How many sight words can you read? Perfect for reviewing sight words!

Sight Word Texting Codes
Write your sight words on the line.
Use the numbers on your cell phone to "text" your sight word code.
How FUN is that?

Spin and Write (Graph) a Sight Word
Write 5 sight words in the spinner. Spin and record your sight words. Which sight word will place 1st and 2nd? Race to the top to see who wins!

Rainbow Write
Pull out the markers, colored pencils or crayons and rainbow write your sight words!

Sight Word Writing (pencil, pen and marker)
Write your sight words from your caterpillar in pencil, pen and marker.

Roll and Write a Sight Word
Write 6 sight word in the circles. Roll a die and write the sight word in that row. Continue playing until all rows are filled with sight words.

Make a Sight Word Code
Use the Sight Word Code list to make a secret code for your sight words.
Have a friend decode your sight words!

Sight Word Values
Use letter tiles to add up the value of your sight words.
A fun way to work with math and reading!

Also included is our Stamp up the Sight Word page
(picture not shown)

In addition to your Sight Word Caterpillar, we are using our Word Family Caterpillar.
These two packets will make our word work FUN and engaging!


Miss Sam said...

Any chance you'll give out a freebie(s) of this packet? They're all so great!!! Loving the write and spin and new version roll a sight word!
~ Sam

Tiffanie Watts said...

Any chance of these two being in a bundle packet?

Tiffanie Watts said...

Any chance of these two being in a bundle packet?

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