Monday, July 20, 2015

Teaching PHONICS and READING Comprehension

As I look forward to this coming school year, I know that working on phonics skills and reading comprehension will be key components to our reading success.

Since my youngest little Moffatt Girl is entering 1st Grade, I wanted to create some hands-on, engaging and FUN resources for word work, reading comprehension and fluency!  I have created two new packets that will target phonics skills, help build confidence, and work on fluency throughout the year.

Since I started putting "Reading Comprehension Checks" in my 1st Grade monthly packets, I had many requests for entire packets of Reading Comprehension Checks! I finally got busy and made our first Reading Comprehension Checks for September and I am SO glad I did!  I know that these are going to benefit us tremendously!  These monthly Reading Comprehension Checks with help build FLUENCY and COMPREHENSION!

This NO PREP Reading Comprehension packet includes 20 simple stories to help build fluency, comprehension and confidence. Each story provides early readers with a genuine opportunity to practice reading short stories they can decode with early phonics skills and sight word recognition. As the months progress, the Comprehension Checks with slightly increase in difficulty. 

There are 3 Accountability Stars at the top of the page. Students can color the star each time they read the story. This ensures that they are reading the story at least 3 times to encourage fluency.

The monthly packets will also include a Reading Comprehension Fluency Tracker. After reading the story and answering the 5 comprehension questions, students can color a star.

The comprehension questions with help with the following skills:
*Making Inferences 
*On the surface questions
*Under the surface questions
*Text Evidence
*Building Vocabulary
*Making Connections
*Monitoring Understanding 
and MORE!

Although we won't be starting these packets until September, I already spiral bound them so they are ready to go!I am slightly obsessed with my new coil binding machine!  This was a big investment for us, but I knew that it would be something that I would use for years to come!  

It was costing me about $4 to have my packets spiral bound at Staples.  This was too much, especially with two Moffatt Girls! This led me on the search for the best and most reasonably priced coil binding matchine.  After a lot of research, I finally took the plunge and purchased this one from   I like the Alilies AlphaCoilE Electric Coiling Binding System because it is easy to use and electric. My only complaint is that it is VERY heavy, but since I am not lugging it around everywhere, I am okay with that. 

This machine has a 20 sheet punching capacity and foot petal operation. There are MANY different binding machines at different prices!  If you are considering a binding machine, be sure to do your research for a machine that best fits your budget and needs.  Shop around, look for coupon codes and find the best deal! 

For some FUN word work and reading comprehension, we have our NEW 
Word Work and Reading Comprehension with Nursery Rhymes!
I am EXTREMELY excited to take simple nursery rhymes to a whole NEW level!
Kids love nursery rhymes and this is a GREAT way to practice core phonics skills and comprehension with something that is familiar to them.
Familiarity with help build confidence!

Our very first set:
 This Word Work and Comprehension Packet includes:
*Humpty Dumpty Poster in color and black and white
*Humpty Dumpty Traceable page with nursery rhyme (penmanship and letter formation)
*Foldable Mini-book with traceable words
*Fill in the Missing Words (cut and paste)
*Box up the Nursery Rhyme
*Roll and Dab a Word Family (-at, -all and -en)
*Spin and Write (graph) sat, wall, put, men and fall
*Spin a Word I - Spin two spinners and make a word (real or silly words?)
*Spin one spinner and write the ending of a word (real or silly words?)
*Color by Word Family (short a)
*Color by Rhyming Words (sad, wall and men)
*Read and Glue (Real and Silly Word Sort)
*Build a Nursery Rhyme: Cut and paste the order
*Labeling Humpty Dumpty
*Seek and Find Rhyming Words
*Reading Comprehension (true or false)
*Reading Comprehension Check 
*Roll and Read for Fluency
*Humpty Dumpty Word Search
*Humpty Dumpy Word Wall Strips

I am BEYOND excited about these two packets and hope that you find them helpful as well!
I will have a blog post up soon showing these packets "in action!"

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