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Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 6

We just finished up Unit 6 of our Ready2Read program! Only 2 more units until we move onto Level 2!  The success, confidence and fluency has been amazing!  The hands-on, interactive and engaging activities in Ready2Read make this FUN!  Ready2Read posts are my absolute FAVORITE posts!

This post will show the printables in action for unit 6.
Unit 6 Sight Words: blue, not, where, go, to
Word Families: -et and -ut
*Daily detailed Lesson Plans included
***Save 20% on the BUNDLE: HERE

After cutting and laminating the activities in the packet, this is how we store each unit.
This system works for me and makes it easy to reuse for the future or return to for extra practice. 
Be sure to read our post on how we store and use our Ready2Read supplies: HERE

I like to start off with our Sight Word Caterpillar pieces. 
This is a great way to introduce the next 5 sight words.

 We read the words, trace them and then color the caterpillar parts...

I usually cut out the pieces and she adds them to the caterpillar. 
However, she wanted to cut them out this time.  
ABSOLUTELY…. great for fine motor skills and helps create more ownership of her learning!

After we laminated them, she carefully cut them out.
Such concentration!

Here is a picture of your sight word caterpillar for the last 6 units. 
We learn 5 sight words for each unit.  I keep our Ready2Read Word Wall posted because it allows us to constantly review.  For example, I give her a pointer and ask her to read all of the RED circles or the GREEN ones.  She also likes to read them ALL as fast as she can!  Reviewing and having access to the word wall has really built her confidence!

She is so proud of how well she can read…
it truly fills my teacher/mommy heart!

Find and Color!
A simple activity that allows us to read the word, find it on the page and color it (or dot mark it)!
We are not done with those little pieces of chalk on the left.  We will be using them in our pocket chart for a review of the word families for the week.  

Dot Markers make everything a bit more exciting!

Color by Sight Word
Color by Sight Word pages are always a HUGE hit!

I think she is pretty proud of herself :)

Word Family Slides! 
Slide and record the word…

Match up words to pictures…

Word Family Word Sort!
This is a FAVORITE!  She always wants to do this activity several times! We are sorting the animals to the correct barn (et or ut barn).

She likes to have the animals walk to the WRONG barn…because that's funny!
Well…as long as they end up at the right barn ;)

This is "Nut Cow" walk to the correct barn…

Finally! Everyone is home in the correct barn!
"Can  we do it again?"

Break the Sight Word Code!
We LOVE the Break the Sight Word code pages! 
She feels like a little detective as she decodes and reads each sight word.

I think she feels like she is doing a "big kid" activity when she does this page.
I think I will keep her "little" as long as I can!

So much focused FUN with our sight words!

Color by Word Family!
As I mentioned in the past, we absolutely LOVE using our Watercolor Pencils! 
Each time we use them it feels like an art project!
Just dip the tip in water and they become watercolors, without all the mess.

I am always trying to find NEW and FUN ways that work with our Ready2Read units. 
We could just use crayons, but these watercolors make everything more exciting!

It's all about Ready2Read FUN!  

I have her READ the words as she paints/colors...

Then she reads the words AGAIN when she is all done! 
So much reading and learning with such a simple page!

Photo Bomb!

Word Family Popsicle Sticks!
This is an activity that I like to add to our Ready2Read units. 
You can do it with ANY reading program for some fluency practice and review.
I just write the words from both word families on the sticks. 
She pulls them, reads them and then sorts the words under the correct word family.

We love to make it a game!
She closes her eyes and pulls a stick to read...

SO simple, but SO much FUN!!!

I LOVE that she is having FUN and learning to READ at the same time!
It doesn't get much better than this!

Here are what the popsicle stick look like when they are sorted...

Reading and Sorting...

Sounding them out...

Color by Number SIGHT WORDS!
We used our water color pencils to do our color by number sight words!

So much fun and it is like a little art project :)

We worked on our Word Family mini books….

She is laughing because she colored the man's hair "sick frog green!"

She loves reading her mini books again and again!

We decided to make them a bit more interesting by adding some stickers!
I WISH I would have thought of this at the begging! We had SO much FUN!

Apparently the man cut his finger when slicing the lemon :)

This simple addition to the mini books made this activity SO much FUN!

Each little reader focuses on the word families and sight words from the unit.

At the end of the story, she read the words and put a sticker next to each word...

I think I will be loading up on stickers!

Read, Trace, Cut and Paste!
We also used our water color pencils for these pages...

(Supplemental Resource-Not part of the Ready2Read packets)
At first we used the dry erase markers...

Then we pulled out the Counting Bears!
It was a fun way to practice reading and recognizing our sight words in a variety of printed and published styles!

Next we decorated our sight words! We LOVE to use all sorts of different things! 
We have used cheerios, glitter, paint and now mosaic tiles!
Another mini art project with letter tiles!

We got super fancy with our sight words and gave them "googly eyes"!

We stamped out our sight words.  I picked up these stamps from Lakeshore, but you can use any stamps.  I like that she traces them after stamping them!
 Tracing sight words...

Here is a fun game we play with our word family cards.
She throws a crumbled up paper and reads the word she hits. 

CVC Puzzles!
She LOVES her CVC puzzles!  I place mini magnets on the back so she can snap them together on our magnetic whiteboard.

We also used read our word family cards with our sound phones!

Oh how we LOVE our ADORABLE Word Family (-et) Caterpillar!
Here is part of our growing word family wall! We constantly refer back to this wall to read and reread the word families.

We used our sound phones with our Fluency Strips this week!
WOW! Super successful! I highly recommend getting a sound phone if you don't already have one!
(Supplemental Resource-Not part of the Ready2Read packets)

 She was so excited that she read 48 sentences in one sitting!

That wraps up Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 6!
I wasn't able to capture all of the activities in Unit 6, but this gives you a general idea of what is included in Ready2Read Level 1.
You can get the bundle at a discounted price {HERE}.


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