Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Editable Polka Dot Labels!

Hi! My name is Annie Moffatt and I LOVE Polka Dots and labeling things!  
It is quite an obsession with me :)

I have had a few requests for the labels that I use in my classroom, so I thought I decided to make an EDITABLE file! This would allow you to EDIT the labels in a way that best fits YOUR needs! The possibilities are endless! If you have never used an Editable file before, lay aside your worries because it is SUPER simple!  The only thing you need to get started is Powerpoint
The instructions in the packet are clear and easy to use.
Available HERE
I used these labels in my classroom last year, but will be adding some fresh ideas for this coming year. 

This is our very small but functional classroom...

 The storage containers came from The Container store (my other obsession!)
This is the left side of our built in store unit (made by my AWESOME husband!)

Here is the right side of our built in storage unit...
As you can see, some of the containers are empty. 
This allows grow into the room as needed.  

We also have storage on the bottom...

The top containers are empty as well.

The bins make the resources accessible and functional.
Our Polka Dot Labels gave the room the extra pop of color needed to create the organization I wanted for our classroom.

There is a specific place for each resource in our classroom. This helps me stay organized and helps the girls know exactly where to put things when it is time to clean up.  Let me be the first to say, this small little classroom can get messy pretty quickly.  I don't mind the typical chaos of a learning environment as long as it gets cleaned up at the end of the day :)

Here are some samples of how our Editable Polka Dot Labels and ways to use them...
Binder Covers
You can customize (EDIT) the covers in any of the different colors to fit your curriculum.

I used the smaller labels for my bins in the pictures above.
The possibilities for labeling things are ENDLESS!
You can add text and change fonts!
These larger labels are used for my large clear storage bins.

These smaller labels are new to my file so I will be using them to create our Sight Word Word Wall for my upcoming 1st Grader. 
I also added these note sheets. I will print one for each day of the week (in a different color), laminate them and use them with post it notes :) 

I hope these Editable Polka Dot Labels helps keep your classroom beautiful, stylish and well organized!


Traci - Dragonflies in First said...

I LOVE your classroom. It's so bright and cheery! What a wonderful place to spend your day!

ES said...

I just found your blog through TPT. I love your classroom. What great color organization!

My Bright Blue House

Gail A said...

A beautiful room! I'm going to purchase the labels, but was wondering where you obtained the plastic colored boxes and trays? Thanks!

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