Friday, May 29, 2015

Learning Resources GIVEAWAY (New Sprouts Food)

Like most kids, The Moffatt Girls LOVE to play and pretend! I think that is one of the simple joys of childhood. While they play, the learn SO much! 

I am super excited to partner with Learning Resources to bring you a quality giveaway that I know you are going to love! Learning Resources has graciously offered to give one of The Moffatt Girl readers a New Sprout Food set of their choice! After reviewing these products, we highly recommend them!

We were able to review the following:
-2 bowls
-1 spoon
-2 strawberries
-3 Kiwi slices
- 3 orange wedges
-3 berry clusters
-2 pineapple rings

-2 hot dogs
-2 divided plates
-2 forks
-2 cups
-Mustard and ketchup with holder
-3 chips
-ice cream sandwich

The moment I pulled these sets out of their boxes, the littlest Moffatt Girl shrieked with joy!
She LOVES to pretend and play! She feed her stuffed animals, her baby doll and me.

 Her immediately response was, "Oh Mommy! These feel real!"
The quality, color and attention to detail is absolutely amazing! This isn't your cheap plastic food play set that gets bent and dented the first week.  It is high quality and meant to last!

There are plenty of food pieces to play with.  Included in the Fresh Fruit set is that adorable watermelon basket in the background!  The girls had so much fun scooping out the fruit salad and serving everyone!

Playing restaurant is a favorite! 

They even decided to make a menu.  Sophia (right) is in Kindergarten and really starting to take off with her writing skills.  You can see her use finger spacing as Audrey (left) helps her sound it out.
I love that this fun food set leads to so much great learning!

Even the mustard and ketchup bottles were sturdy enough to let little hands squeeze and squeeze them!
We are all about eating healthy and this Fresh Fruit set really promotes that! 
However....we also love our ice cream! :)

How cute are these sets? If you are looking for a high quality play set, these won't disappoint!
You can get them here:
Enter to WIN a set by using the Rafflecopter below!

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