Monday, March 23, 2015

Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Game GIVEAWAY!

If you have been reading our blog for some time, you know that The Moffatt Girls LOVE resources from Educational Insights! They continually create products that make learning FUN and hands-on! 

We recently received a super cute game called, Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Game and we are excited to be able to give a game away to one of our readers!  

The girls get excited over anything with animals on it, so I knew this would be a hit!  
We love doing school activities, but sometimes we need a brain break and games are a must!

Included in this game:
*1 Hoppy Floppy Squeezer (Great for building fine motor skills)
*16 colorful carrots
*4 baskets 
*colorful carrot shaped board
*game spinner

This cute box makes the game easy to set up and clean up…always a plus!

The game is intended for 3+ and these two (5 and 7 years old) loved it! 
Since it is an Educational Insights product, it definitely has learning involved!

Targeted Skills:
*helps develop fine motor skills
*hand-eye coordination
*pre-handwriting skills
*strategic thinking and matching skills
*social skills and turn taking

For the littlest Moffatt Girl, this was perfect for working on fine motor skills and social skills.

The game pieces (carrots) are stored in the egg, which makes it easy to play and put away.

I love that the all of these pieces are super durable...

These squeezers are so great for building fine motor skills needed for writing!

Even Audrey, the 7 year old, liked this game.  

The spaces on the spinner require the player to:
*pick a specific colored carrot
*lose a turn
*pick any color carrot
*lose all of your carrots
*take a carrot from someone else

Of course it is FUN when you are COLLECTING carrots!

But... what happens when you lose all of your carrots?
You develop social skills and learn that life goes on :)
Of course, Audrey is just joking around and having fun with the game.

But…. for the 5 year old, this is a REAL grumpy face.
No worries, she got over the fact that her sister took one of her carrots fairly quickly. 
But these fun and simple games are so important for kids!  
They teach so many little lessons!

  Now for YOUR chance to WIN this Hoppy Floppy's Happy Hunt Set!
Use the rafflecopter below to enter:


Elizabeth Frederiksen said...

I was unable to fine The Moffatt Girls on instagram

Elizabeth Frederiksen said...

What do I do? I submitted on your raffle that I followed you. I did it backwards, but now I can't find you on Instagram! The Good News is that He knows where we are all the time!Thank you!

Punchy said...

Following... love the bunnies, great fine motor practice!

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