Thursday, January 29, 2015

Read and Sequence (Build Fluency and Comprehension)

Beginning and/or struggling readers need a lot of support when it comes to reading and comprehension. I wanted to create a hands-on approach to a reading comprehension packet that was highly engaging for BEGINNING and or STRUGGLING readers.  I am absolutely thrilled with this new Read and Sequence packet!

This packet is specifically designed to help kids build CONFIDENCE, FLUENCY and reading COMPREHENSION.  The Read and Sequence stories are made up of simple sight words (pre-primer sight words) and CVC (short vowel) word families. 

This packet does NOT include words that would require kids to GUESS at what they are reading. The stories in this packet rely on sight word recognition and the ability to use basic/early decoding skills with CVC words.  This provides students with a GENUINE opportunity to practice their newly learned reading skills.  

We begin by reading the simple story. 
I encourage her to point to the words as she reads them or else she starts adding her own words.

I typically have her read the story two times.  
Each time she reads it, her fluency gets better and better.

Next, she verbalizes the order of events.  
I didn't tell her to do this, but I was happy to her her say, 
"First, is the picture of the pig and the dog.
Next, is the picture of the dog digging.
Then, the picture of the pig in the mud.
Last, they get in the tub."
WOW!  This is so wonderful because this activity is not only helping with comprehension, but also preparing her for writing!

Then we cut...

 and we paste...

Putting the pictures in order according to the story did require her to reread the story!  
I LOVED that she looked back at the story to make sure that her sequencing was correct!

 Finishing up the sequence of events...

And now we color!
But this is not JUST coloring! 
This is FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS based on the descriptions of the characters in the story!

She had to reread the text AGAIN to make sure that her coloring matched the story!
There was a pink pig and a brown dog in the mud!
The important thing is that she was constantly referring back to the story! 
 This is HUGE because it is making her into a GOOD reader who rereads and looks back for clarification!

Of course we colored the tub pink too, even though the story didn't tell us to :)

Oops! I forgot to write my name!

All done and pretty proud of herself!  

When completed, students will read 30 simple stories!
That is a lot of good sight word recognition!
A lot of beginning decoding skills at work!
A lot of comprehension success!
A lot of fluency building

Sets 2 and 3 are coming soon! 
Be sure to follow our TPT store to find out when they are released and on sale!
Set 1 available HERE

If you like this packet, the following resources have the same goals for BEGINNING and/or STRUGGLING readers:


Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Amen for lil readers! So fun to hear the words coming to life as they read. Rereading is such a key component on building fluent readers. LOVE these Annie!!!
~Christy & Tammy

Jennifer White @ First Grade Blue SKies said...

Love, Love, Love!!
First Grade Blue Skies

Chris Day said...

Thank you, this is a great set. I have an 11 year old son with severe autism and we are working on basic reading comprehension and sequencing this year. It's been hard to find the right activities for him and I think these will work!

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