Sunday, December 28, 2014

FREE New Year Journal Prompts for Beginning and/or Struggling Writers!

I started creating our NO PREP Journal Prompts for Beginning and/or Struggling Writers and they have helped SO much!  The littlest Moffatt Girl loves to use these journal prompts because she feel so successful!  

I wanted to make a FREEBIE for you that included some New Year's Writing Prompts!  I love the New Year because it is a great time to reflect and make some "attainable" goals and to get kids writing!  

Writing is a skill that requires daily practice.  These simple journal prompts are designated to help BEGINNING and/or STRUGGLING writers build confidence, practice articulating thoughts, work on fine motor skills and use proper letter formation.  

Included on each journal prompt:
*I Can… statements with text and visual support to remind students to:
-use capital letters
-use finder spacing between words
-sound out and spell words
-use periods
-draw pictures to support their writing

*Illustrated Word Bank to help students spell words and generate ideas for their writing.
*Place to draw a picture to support their writing.

Also available: 

You can see our December Journal Prompts in action HERE!

I hope you find this FREEBIE helpful!
Thank you!
Annie :)


Erin Turco said...

I love these! Will you be creating more for the rest of the year? Thanks!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank you so much for your kind comment, Erin! YES!! I will be creating sets for the rest of the year. Thank you for asking!
Annie :)

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

WONDERFUL!!! Let's continue to support all levels of understanding and skill! Smiles and stop by anytime!

Johnny Perez said...

Once again...thank you for creating such fantastic products. My boys are loving learning. To them they are just having fun.

Chrissy said...

Thank you!!

deebi27 said...

OMG, I am no long teaching pre-k, but there is 1 and looking for number 2 grandchild soon... I am looking over stuff I have and your amazing packets. These packets are power packed & amazing. They are going to fit the need going forward...Thank you!

Sarah Paul said...

This is wonderful Annie! Thank you so much for sharing such a fabulous writing activity! I love the I Can statement box. That will be so helpful. Happy New Year my friend!

A Life Worth Living said...

I think these writing prompts are wonderful! Do you by any chance sell them as a bundle? I didn't see it listed, but I may have missed it.

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