Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 5

Ready2Read posts are my FAVORITE to do!  I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE seeing my little girl become a strong and confident reader!  Ready2Read gives so much joy and excitement in the reading process.  It is a journey that we both LOVE!

This post will show you some of the activities in action for Unit 5.
Unit 5 Sight Words: it, one, find, little, yellow 
Word Families: -ap and -ad
*Daily detailed Lesson Plans included
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The goal for Ready2Read is to make learning FUN, hands-on and super effective!  The activities in these packets are designed to reach all types of learners. Mastery of sounds, word families and sight words are key components to a confident and happy learner.

Decorating SIGHT WORDS!
This simple activity is a FAVORITE and super effective!  Learning sight words with such a hands-on approach makes it FUN!  It doesn't hurt that she gets to eat, too ;)

I also love that this activity allows for building fine motor skills! 
Squeezing those glue bottles can be a lot of work, but it helps build up those muscles for writing!


Since kids LOVE to sing, we sing our sight words to the tune of BINGO each week.  This little Moffatt Girl knows how to do this activity by herself and just LOVES it!  This very simple activity allows students to SEE the word, HEAR the word when sining and SPELL the word!  

Word Family Word Sort
 This is our -ad and -ap family train!  

She has to read the words and sort them to the correct train…

Sounding it out letter by letter and then blending the word...

It is always fun to see which train will be the longest…

These 3 letter CVC puzzles are SO fun!  I placed some magnets on the back of the strips and she puts them together on the whiteboard.  This is an activity that we do several times. 

THIS is the smile and joy I am always looking for!

She likes to put the picture together first, and then sound out the word...

More Sight Word decorating...
 Let's just say that she REALLY likes using the sprinkles ;)

Stamp it Up pages! 
Using letter stamps are very effective in helping spell sight words.  You can use any type of stamps, but I like these Follow the Dots Stamps from Lakeshore.  
They allow you to stamp and then trace the letters. It allows that extra step in learning and mastering a sight word...

Oh…so fun!!

 I love that she is so focused during this activity.  She hunts for the letters, stamps it and then traces the word.  She feels so accomplished at the end of the activity!

I like to incorporate as many hands-on activities as I can because it really helps in maintaining interest.  Whenever we pull out the Dot Markers…it is all about FUN!
This Find and Color (Dot) page requires the student to pick a word from the pile, read it and dot (or color) it on the page.  

 I LOVE this!! You can see her sounding out the word, looking for the word on the page and so eager to dot it!  Learning doesn't get better than this!

We are big coloring fans and this Color by Sight Word page is always a hit!

So focused...

Here is the See, Trace and Write page. 
This time we used rainbow colors to trace, and write each word...

She tries so hard to make her letters just perfect. I carefully watch her during this process since we are really trying to work on proper letter formation.  She does such a great job, especially since the SEE it part shows her the proper formation, the TRACE it part provides a little less guidance an the WRITE it part allows for independent practice.

Working hard!

 Building CVC Words with the -ap and -ad families...

Looking at the picture, sounding out the word and finding letter tiles to make the word...

Success!  I love seeing her confidence grow with each different activity!

Yep!  She is a HAPPY little learner!

You can also see other Ready2Read units in action:

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At this stage in our Ready2Read program, our FAVORITE additional resource is our Fluency Strips (Set 1)

The goal of Ready2Read is not to master a word family by sight, but rather to work on blending sounds together.  Therefore, even though we haven't covered many of the word families found in the Fluency Strips, Sophia is able to read them by sound them out.  Her confidence and fluency is growing SO quickly!  It is exciting to watch her READ!

Happy Learning!


Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Nothing better than seeing their sweet lil faces light up when they start learning to read!!!

LOVE your stuff Annie! Such a fun way to get kids to practice those tricky sight words!
~Christy & Tammy

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

It's amazing to see her grow since just last year. Soooo cool Annie, thanks for always sharing lots of pictures!

Jennifer White said...

You're the best mom ever!
First Grade Blue Skies

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