Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Curriculum Choices for 2014-2015

I have been getting a lot of emails asking what our curriculum choices are for the 2014-2015 school year, so I thought I would share them with you!

Sophia: Kindergarten

Phonics/Reading: Ready2Read Level 1 and Level 2- We have been slowly working on our Ready2Read units and she has already shown so much progress.  You can see some of the Ready2Read units in action here:
Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 1 (HERE)
Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 2 (HERE)
Ready2Read Level 1 Unit  3 (HERE)
Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 4 (HERE)

I Can Read Simple Sentences (Set 1) - Words with CVC words and Sight Words
Fluency Strips (Set 1) - Works with CVC words and Sight Words
Emergent Readers Sets 1-5 - Works on CVC words and Sight Words

Although the Ready2Read Program is our core reading curriculum, I have a lot of supplemental resources that I plan on using with Sophia this year.  I want her to have a variety of resources to use to help master simple sight words, CVC words and fluency.  Here are some of the supplemental reading resources I will use this year:
*CVC Roll, Read and Trace
*CVC Booklets
*CVC Word Family Apple Trees
*Sight Word Make a Match (pre-primer)
*Sight Word Super Stars (pre-primer)

Math/Literacy:  I will be using our monthly math and literacy packets to teach, reteach and reinforce basic skills.  I rely heavily on these packets because they cover a huge variety of skills in a FUN and interactive way.
*All Year Math and Literacy Packets (NO PREP)  - These are seasonal packets
*Back to School NO PREP (Kindergarten) - More monthly packets are in the works.
*Math Booklets
*Numbers 1-20 NO PREP Packet

Science: Learning About my Body by Evan Moor.

Handwriting: FREE A-Z Handwriting Sheets (HERE)

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Audrey: 2nd Grade

Reading: Since completing our Ready2Read program, Audrey reads well above grade level so our focus will be in the following areas:

*Monthly Themed Packets: The monthly packets will be rigorous enough to keep her attention and help master grammar, phonics, math and a few other 2nd grade skills.  We will start with the 2nd Grade September NO PREP Packet (HERE).  If you are interested in these packets, be sure to follow our TPT store to receive email updates with new releases!

Literature- This year we will be trying the literature packets from Memoria Press (HERE) and possibly the Latin curriculum in the middle of the year.

Math: This will be our second year using Singapore Math and it has worked very well for us.  There are a few different editions, but after talking to a representative, I decided to go with the U.S. Edition for 2nd Grade.  I feel as though their curriculum is both rigorous and effective.

*Interactive Math Packet (Addition and Subtraction) In addition to our Math and Literacy packets for 2nd grade, I plan to keep using our Interactive Math Packet because I really want Audrey to fully master simple addition and subtraction.  Although she knows it well, this additional daily practice will keep her sharp.

*Telling Time NO PREP Packet 
*Fractions NO PREP Packet
*Money NO PREP Packet (coming soon)
*Double Digit  Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping (coming soon)

*Writing Poetry with Children- Evan Moor
*Traci from Dragonflies in First Fairy Tale Packets (Geared for 2nd Grade)
*Writing Better Sentences NO PREP Packet (Coming Soon!)

Penmanship: from Memoria Press
*New American Cursive 2 Scripture
*Copybook Cursive (Scripture and Poems)

History: We will be using Evan Moor's History Pockets because they are interactive and fun:
* Life in Plymouth Colony
* Native Americans

Science: I love the Science Works for Kids Series by Evan Moor:
(You can pick these up at most teacher supply stores or on Amazon)
*Exploring Space
*Simple Machines

Spanish: The girls will have a private tutor in learning Spanish this year.  I am hoping to add some fun, hands-on spanish resources to our TPT store soon!

Fine Arts - Audrey will be taking weekly lessons from a fine arts teacher with a small group of other homeschool students.

Bible: Bible Study Guide for All Ages

Happy teaching and I hope you have a WONDERFUL school year!


Barbara Balius said...

Kind of makes me want to send my second grader to your house for school! Thanks for sharing this outline with us.


Annie Moffatt said...

Send her right over ;)

Traci - Dragonflies in First said...

<3 you and your curriculum choices! Can't wait to see some amazing 2nd grade writing!!

Mirtha Medina said...

It looks like a very interesting year for your students! With what you presented here, you will definitely bring in great inputs to your students. I'm very interested with your Spanish class...makes me think of little kids speaking the language naturally! :)

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