Sunday, September 28, 2014

Building Fluency with Blends, Digraphs and Sight Words!

I am SUPER excited to have finished Set 2 of our Fluency Strips!  A few weeks ago I post about our Set 1 Fluency Strips {HERE}.  We use the fluency strips every single day!  I can't even begin to tell you the impact these have had on the littlest Moffatt Girls confidence AND fluency! She is reading up a storm and is currently working on the 3rd sentence strip in Set 1!

Set 2 is a bit more challenging and will work with blends, digraphs and primer sight words.  There are 480 different simple sentences strips in this packet!  Each and every sentence will incorporate a blend and/or a digraph word.  It will also include primer sight words!  This gives kids the opportunity to work on sight words AND phonics skills!  This packet allows for a TON of practice building fluency and confidence!

Set #1 (1-10) works with only CVC words and pre-primer sight words.  Be sure to check out set 1 {HERE}
Set #2 (11-20) will work with blends, digraphs and pre-primer sight words.  

As you can see, each set has been printed on colored cardstock, laminated and cut out. 

I had a few questions as to what colored cardstock I used in set 1.  I purchased my cardstock at Staples and here is a picture of the paper I used. The cardstock on the far left is double-colored so I used 8 pieces for 1 set of fluency strips and the other 8 pieces for the another set.  It worked out perfectly!

I found it easier to print on colored cardstock, laminate, cut around the edges of the paper, hole punch and THEN cut out the fluency strips.

I used a larger ring this time and it made it easier to flip.

There are a total of 10 sets in Set #2.  Each individual sentence strip set has 48 sentences for a total of 480 simple sentences with blends, digraphs and primer sight words!

Here is an example of some of the sentences used in Set 2:

1. The duck came to her.
Sight words: the, came, to, her
Digraph: ck in duck

2. Did she grin at him?
Sight words: did, she, at, him
Consonant Blend: gr in grin

3. Did you see the small plant?
Sight Words: did, you, see, the
Consonant Blend: pl in plant

4. The frog is small.
Sight Words: the, is, small
Consonant Blend: fr in frog.

When a student is reading the Fluency Strips, it is easy to target areas of difficult in terms of sight words, blends and/or digraphs. 

They are like eye-candy and so appealing!  I LOVE it when kids get excited about reading!   

I hung the Fluency Strips on Commnad Hooks and they worked out great!
On the top row is Fluency Strips Set 1 (CVC word and pre-primer sight words)
The bottom row is Fluency Strips Set 2 (Blends, digraphs and primer sight words)
Set 3….Coming Soon!

I love how accessible and organized these fluency strips are!  I am currently using set 1 with Sophia who is in Kindergarten.  Audrey, who is in 2nd Grade, can read Set 2 with no problem.  However, we will be using them for dictation!  I will read 3-5 sentences each day and she will write them down.  This will allow her to practice her blends, digraphs and spelling of sight words.  It also reinforces proper sentence structure!  As the year progresses, Sophia will be using set 2 for fluency. 

Be sure to check out the blog post for Set #1 to see the assessment piece in action!

You can purchase set #1 {HERE)

Set #2 available {HERE}

I hope you and your students find this resource helpful in building confidence AND fluency!


Mrs Ennis said...

Love my Set 1 and look forward to Set 2. Thank you for your creativity and professional know how

Sarah said...

I agree! They are like eye candy! I love looking at them :)


Monica Price said...

I purchased set 1 and love them!!!

Sheri Ryan said...

Have been eyeing set 1 off for a while and now these a set 2 my printer and laminator will defibrrly get a workout :)
Early Years with Sheri

Jenny Reardon said...

I'd love to use these with some of my second graders who struggle with fluency! I'm just a little confused as to how these are used, other than to they practice them on the rings? Do you use them in small group? I'd love a little more information!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Jenny,
There are several ways to use the fluency strips. You can use them:
1. one on one to assess students.
2. in small reading groups.
3. partners- have two students work together to read sentences.
4. send them home and have parents listen to their children read.
5. Another great option is to use them for dictation. This is a great way to work on spelling, listening skills and proper punctuation. Just read 2-3 sentences daily and have student write the sentences that they hear. You can use this to assess their spelling patterns and sight words.

I hope that gives you a few ideas :)

Briana said...

These are very cute!! I was wondering which set you recommend for Kindergarten? Most of my students are reading at a C level, but I have some that are higher and some lower. So I wasn't sure if it would be better to go with the Set 1 or the Set 2?


Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Briana!

Thank you for your email! Set 1 works with all CVC words and pre-primer sight words. Therefore, if your students need more fluency practice with this type of words, this would be the set to start with. Set 2 works with blends/digraphs and primer sight words. You might have students who are working at both levels.
I hope that helps!
Annie :)

Mrs. Kennedy said...

I just bought set 1 to use with my 1st grade intervention group to build fluency. I have a question about the assessment, do you give them a set amount of time to see how many words per minute they read or do you have them read all the phrases in a set and look for accuracy?


Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Amy!

Great question! I think you could do both. It depends on what you are assessing...accuracy or speed and accuracy. I tend to focus on both, but I don't record the time. I hope that helps a little. Again, I think you could easily adapt them to your teaching preference and student needs.

Shelbee Keller said...

Will you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sets that include more second grade sight words!! I want to use this SO BAD in my class but I'm afraid it'll be too low :/

You're amazing!

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