Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Back to School in Action!

We started back to school this week and it has been such a FUN and exciting week!  The Moffatt Girls are enjoying school and the much needed routine that comes with every day school.  I have been using our NO PREP packets with both of the girls and it has really saved me a lot of time in prepping.

For the littlest Moffatt Girl who just entered Kindergarten, here some of our Back to School Math and Literacy (Kindergarten) NO PREP packet "In Action"…

Dot…Dot NOT a LOT!
We practiced squeezing those glue dots one by one!  Squeezing the glue bottle was great for building fine motor skills, the dots helped with one to one correspondence and of course we worked on controlling the glue dots :) 

She was in the zone and really wanted to do a great job!

This page is actually a color by letter page, but we changed it up a bit and did a paint by letter page. When I pulled out the paints, you would have thought I gave her an art project!  This page was perfect for color word recognition/practice and upper and lowercase letter identification.

She was super proud of these pages :)

More Color by Letter pages!  
This time we used the watercolor pencils!  Just dip the tip in water and color!

Roll and Trace the Number!
This was a really FUN and interactive page!  You began by rolling the die and then tracing the number in the column.  The first line helped with the line strokes, the second two lines are without the arrows and the last two lines allow for independent practice.

I let her use the colored markers to make it a bit more exciting.  As you can see (with the number 6), we definitely need more practice!  You could also place these pages in shed protectors and use again and again with a dry erase marker.

We pulled out the dot markers and die to roll and dot some beginning sounds!

Incorporating a little bit of math with counting the numbers on the die and some beginning sounds.

I Can Count, Color and Write!
She counted the items, colored (or in this case, used the dot markers), and wrote the number on the line.  

Here is our page all finished!  Again…as you can see, we will be working on proper number and letter formation.  LOVE it!

 I Know My Phone Number
I placed this page in a sheet protector because I knew it was an area that would need a lot of practice.  In this printable, I incorporated both the "regular" telephone and the cell phone.  This gives kids practice "pressing" their phone number on the phones.

Ten Frame Match Up!
Oh she love this page!  Ten Frame Match up was great for counting the dots on the ten frame and then matching them up to the number.  This was a cut and paste page, which is also great for building those fine motor skills.

More ten frame counting...

Ten frame glueing...

Roll and Color!
This one made her think a bit and really was the perfect challenge.  You begin by rolling a die. You color one of the items that matches your roll.  As you can see in the picture, she rolled a 3. She had to find and color a picture with 3 tally marks, 3 on the ten frame or a stick kid holding the number 3.

We are still working on our Ready2Read units. Here we are decorating our sight words with cheerios. I am pretty sure she ate more than she used ;)
  We have taken the Ready2Read units a LOT slower than the week by week lesson plans.  At the same time, her confidence has grown tremendously and she is reading up a storm!  She is able to read and sound out all CVC word families before we even get to them.  These units really give kids the confidence they need to be a strong reader!

Oh boy…let me tell you about this picture!  
This little honey has EXPLODED when has come to reading! The light bulb has clicked and she can't stop reading!  I created some Fluency Strips for her to work on and finished Set 1 in ONE DAY!  I thinking that it would take her a few days to finish the set, but obviously I was wrong.  Needless to say, she was pretty proud of herself!  She wanted to do Set 2 at the end of the day.  "PLEASE….PLEASE….I want to read the orange set!"

Well…. like a good mommy (wink, wink) I said, 
"Okay, you can read set 2." :)

 I can hardly believe that this sweet little girl is in 2nd Grade!  Time goes by so fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it!  

We used a lot of our September 2nd Grade NO PREP packet to teach, reteach and reinforce some 2nd Grade concepts.  In this case, she loved rolling the die to practice building place value!

Roll the Place Value
Roll 2 dice, put them in any order, make the number by drawing the base ten rods and units.  Finally, write the number in expanded form.

This is a great review that will lead us into the hundreds place value sheets.

On this Apple Pickin' page, she compared numbers with <, > and = signs.  The dot markers were used to identify odd and even numbers.  Although she fully understands this concept, it took some time for her to get the answers.  Since we are working for mastery, this was a great reinforcement page.

Grandma's Place Value Quilt was SO much fun! 

School is in full force at Moffatt Elementary!  
I hope you are enjoying your back to school start as well!

The Back to School Packets are available in our TPT store:

Recently released:

Happy teaching!


Lori Rosenberg said...

Your girls are so smart and beautiful! Just like their mommy! I adore your no prep packs and so do my students! You are amazing!

Jodi said...

I just LOVE your girls!!!

Lyndsey (A Year of Many Firsts) said...

Stunning and sweet girls! I just love you and your girls so much. You are an amazing mommy and teacher!!!!!

Catherine Hammond said...

So many fun ideas! I love the clean look of your worksheets. And the price is affordable for all the stuff that's included! Definitely buying this one soon!

Miss DeCarbo said...

I've been using your word family pages and we are just LOVING them!! Thank you! :)

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