Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register Review

Learning Resources is celebrating 30 years of growing imaginations!  In honor of the celebration, The Moffatt Girls received the Pretend and Play Calculator Cash Register!  (Limited Edition) What a FUN resource!

I always appreciate resources that can be used for different ages and this is definitely one of them!  I begin by letting Sophia, my 4 year old,  play with the cash register. She LOVES playing and pretending, so this was an immediate success.  

I started by having her sort the bills and coins.  It was great for coin and bill identification.  

Then I had Audrey, my 7 year old, make a sign for School Supplies and write the cost of each item.
Then I gave her some money to go shopping. If you notice, some of her prices are a bit expensive :) 
Dot Markers… $2.00 (EACH!)

Then she started shopping...

For example, she wanted to buy 2 pairs of scissors for $1.45 each.  She didn't have the exact change, so it was a great opportunity for me to show her how to make change.

The lady at the cash register was very helpful and managed to give us the correct change...

I absolutely LOVE this approach to learning money!  LOVE it!

Audrey was having difficulty figuring out how much change she should get if she gave Sophia a $5 bill.  I suggested that she ask Sophia for five $1 bills in exchange for her $5 bill.  Sophia had to count out five $1 bills which was the perfect type of math for her.  I couldn't have prepared a better lesson for the girls!

I also had Sophia work on coin identification by asking her for 2 quarters or 3 dimes.  She hasn't mastered her money yet, but we are excited to work on it!

All in all, this is a WONDERFUL learning tool!  Thank you Learning Resources!

If you are interested in this product or any of there resources, be sure to use the 20% coupon code they offer!
 Coupon Code: ASALE20 at check out!
Such a great way to keep the FUN in learning!

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