Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Building Fluency - The Quick and Easy Way!

As we all know, fluency is a key component to reading success! Students need a LOT of opportunities to practice sight word recognition and newly learned decoding skills.  I wanted to create a packet that would help build fluency and allow for assessment.  
Our  Fluency Strips is a quick and easy way to practice, build fluency and assess students!

The fluency strips provide students with a GENUINE opportunity to practice fluency by including specific sight words and basic phonics skills for beginning and/or struggling readers.

There are 1,440 different simple sentence strips in the bundle!
This packet offers a TON of practice to help build fluency and confidence!

In this post, I will answer 4 basic questions about the Fluency Strips:
1. What is a simple sentence?
2. How do the Fluency Strips work?
3. How do I assess with the Fluency Strips?
4. How do you display them?
There are a total of 3 Fluency Strip Packets:
Set 1: Works with just CVC words and Pre-Primer Sight Words
Set 2: Works with Blends, Digraphs and Primer Sight Words
Set 3 Works with Long Vowels and 1st Grade Sight Words
You can purchase the BUNDLE (HERE)

Question #1
What is a simple sentence?
The simple sentences in this packet are made of basic sight words and decodable CVC words.   This provides kids with a genuine opportunity to practice reading sentences they can decode with early phonics and basic sight words. 

Question #2
How do the sentence strips work?
There are 480 different sentence strips in this packet.  The sentence strips are divided into 10 groups. I printed each set on colored cardstock and laminated them for durability.  Each set of sentence strips are labeled to provide for easy assessment and/or differentiation. 

Printed each set on a different colored cardstock...    

Laminated them…
I have a personal laminator, but when it comes to larger jobs I always take them to the teachers supply store.  This ends up being more cost effective and it saves me a bunch of time!

Hole punch them, cut them out and placed them on a ring…
Quick tip: Hole punch them BEFORE you cut them out!  It makes it a whole lot faster!  Sadly I realized this towards the end.

The rings are great because they are all in one place and will not get lost.  

It is also helpful for kids to know which "color" fluency packet they are working on.

I am SUPER excited about these Fluency Strips!  With 480 DIFFERENT simple sentences in each set, this will provide us with a LOT of fluency practice!!  The best part is that they are READY to GO!

Question #3
How does the assessment piece work?
Each set of sentence strips corresponds to 4 assessment sheets and there are 48 fluency strips per set.  For example, set 1 has 48 simple sentences, set 2 has 48 different simple sentences and so on.  The assessment sheets break the fluency strips into 4 smaller sets for quick practice and easy assessment.  This also helps the child feel less overwhelmed :)

The cute cover strips are included in the packet and they are the ONLY thing you need to print in color :) 

I LOVE the look of our new fluency strips!  They are like eye candy :)

This makes it easy for kids to know which set they are working on and also makes it easy to differentiate...

Take set 4 for example...

Set 4 has 4 corresponding assessment sheets.  There are 12 sentences for each assessment sheet. This really helps break it down, especially in the beginning of the process. Kids can feel overwhelmed with too many sentences and teachers may not want to sit through LONG assessments.   However, as time goes on, they will be able to read an entire set quickly and with ease!    
Quick and EASY assessments!

Each Fluency Strip  has a number.  In this case, this is from set 4 sentences 37...

As the child reads the sentence, it is easy to follow along with the assessment sheet...

I like to make notes along the way.  You can use this assessment sheet any way that best fits YOUR needs.  I like to check off the sentences that are read correctly, circle sentences that a child is unable to read and write the word that the child said in place of the actual word.
In this case, you can see that my daughter read "pig" for pet.  This tells me that she is recognizing the beginning sound, but it looks like we may need to work more on middle and ending sounds.  She is guessing at the last two sounds because she is not taking the time to sound it out...VERY typical for beginning readers.  There are also a few sight words that we need to work on.

As I mentioned, you can use the assessment sheets in any way that best fits your needs.  As the student reads the fluency strips, you can follow along with the assessment pages and make anecdotal notes to help identify areas of difficulty and/or strengths.  By identifying areas of difficulty, it is easier to target a child's need for specific instruction.  Or…you can do away with assessments altogether :)

Data Tracking
There are both individual and class check off sheets for each set.  This allows a child to work at his/her pace and allows the teacher/parent to keep records of of the sets that have been read fluently.  I plan on using these Fluency Strips with the littlest Moffatt Girl since she just started reading. She needs a LOT of extra practice and support and this is just PERFECT!  

I will be using this Check off List so we can both monitor her progress.  She feels SO proud when she can finish a set! Of course we have a prize in place when she finishes reading all of her fluency strips!  I know that she will not be completely "fluent" after reading these the first time, so this will be something we will use again and again throughout the year.

It doesn't really matter what set they start with since they all use basic (pre-primer) sight words and simple CVC words.  Therefore, I let her pick the color she wanted to start on and of course it was pink :)

In this simple sentence fluency strip you can see there there are 
two sight words: the and here
three CVC words: big, bug, dug

Then of course we had to try the pink set...

"Help" is one of the sight words, but it is also a decodable word so she tried sounding it out...

I am SO happy I made this packet!  This is EASY for me and a QUICK way to practice fluency!

I hope this makes practicing FLUENCY quick and easy!
Initially I placed our fluency strips on the wall and it served us well....

I have updated our display with a Revolving Counter Display
The display allows me to put each set of 10 fluency strips on a side. I have room on the back to hold my sight word money.
I purchased the hooks at Home Depot.

A sweet teacher from Australia shared this picture with me.  I love how she displayed them on her end cap to save space and make them easily accessible to her students.  You could even put them at the end of a file cabinet!

Another beautiful and organized set up here from a homeschooling mom:

You can check out Set 2, which works with Blends, Digraphs and Primer Sight Words {HERE}

Set 3 works with long vowels and 1st Grade Sight Words {HERE}

Save BIG and get the BUNDLE {HERE}

I hope that these Fluency Strips help build both confidence AND fluency!  


Tiffanie Watts said...

Just curious if you have a compilation of the sets for sale?

Erin Reder said...

Awesome!! I love this! Looking forward to sets 2 and 3!!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Tiffanie!

I am working on them and I hope to have set 2 finished in a few weeks! After that I will work on set 3 and then bundle them :) Thank you for asking about them.
Annie :)

Sarah Paul said...

Annie, you've done it again! I love how everything you do is beautiful and organized and SO perfect for kids. This looks like a great system! Good work my friend. :)

Beverly Elrod said...

Will set 2 or 3 be geared toward grade 2? I love your products!!!!

Amber said...

Are these to be used after completing Ready2Read Level 1?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Amber,

My daughter in on Level 1 unit 5 and she is working on reading the sentence strips right now. However, there are some sight words that she doesn't know yet. When Level 1 is complete, these would serve as a great fluency builder :) I hope that helps!
Annie :)

BreeAdams said...

This looks amazing!!! I teach second grade and I'm not sure if I should go ahead and purchase this set or wait for sets 2 and 3??? This set looks to be a little easy for my kiddos.

Liz Faulkner said...

I was wondering where you buy your beautiful copy paper and what colors you used. Thanks!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Bree!

Thank you for your kind words! Sets 2 and 3 might be more appropriate for your 2nd Graders, unless you have students who are struggling with simple CVC words. Sets 2 and 3 will work with blends, digraphs and long vowels. I hope that helps!
Annie :)

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Liz!

I actually purchased my paper from Staples. I picked out 2 different packets that had the colors I wanted :) One of the packets was double sided with 2 shades of colors, so I used that packet for 2 different sets. I hope that helps! I will post the paper I used for sets 2 and 3 so it is more clear. Thank you for asking, Liz!


Partly Sunny said...

Are the fluency sets used in the classroom only or are they part of homework for practice? I assume they would be introduced in small group, but then practiced independently?

Partly Sunny said...

Are the fluency sets used in the classroom only or are they part of homework for practice? I assume they would be introduced in small group, but then practiced independently?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Partly Sunny!
That is a great question. I think that you can use them any way that best fits your needs. The assessment pages would be good for one on one reading and assessment to help target strengths and weakness. You could use them with partners and have the students read every other sentence strip. You could even use them in small groups. They are perfect for fluency practice and/or assessment. I hope that helps!
Annie :)

Brandy Lynn said...

These are awesome! Just wondering if you sale sets already put together (printed, laminated, cut & punched)?

Jill Ferguson said...

Love these! Are the based of Dolch, Hi Fry or something else? Thanks so much!

Michele Munoz said...

What grade are these geared to? Still learning grade level particulars. As well as reading level based on fontas and pinnel? Just curious

Judy Krafft said...

What size rings did you use?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Judy,

I tried the smaller ones as pictured, but I changed them to the larger ones since that was easier to flip. I picked them up at staples.
Annie :)

Marcella Cochran said...

Do you have a set for 3rd grade?

masseylynn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
masseylynn said...

Hi Annie... I was looking at purchasing all the sets.... are they up for sale?

Danielle Wilson said...

What brand of card stock do you buy for these? Do you have a link to Amazon for the card stock?

Shelbee Keller said...

These are AMAZING! Will you be creating a set geared more towards 2nd and 3rd grade?


These are great! Thank you for creating them! Do you have or could you please provide the beautiful covers with no black background? I am trying to save on ink.

Ms. Meredith (Who Is The Boss of You!) said...

I love this idea! I'll be teaching sixth grade reading after several years of nothing but social studies, and I'm racking my brain trying to figure out how to adapt this idea to higher level readers. No chance you're secretly working on a middle school level set, is there? :D

(Please excuse the obnoxious username--I created that years ago for a class, and now I'm stuck with it.)

Judosharon said...

I absolutely love your products and have found great success using them within my classroom. Do you intend to make the fluency strips using Fry's words as you have done with other products?

Mindsera Learning said...

I have been trying to buy the Fluency strip Bundle via TpT for last few days but not able to. Can you tell me how to go about it?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Mindsera,
If you click the link above, it will take you to the product page. If you have never purchased from TPT, you will need to set up a free account. Once you purchase the product, you will be able to instantly download it.
I hope that helps!

Tami said...

When I click on the link for your countertop display I get a blank page. Just curious about it.

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