Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Learning and Mastering Numbers 1-20!

Learning and mastering numbers 1-20 is an important concept for Kindergarten, so I wanted to create a FUN and EFFECTIVE packet that would help students master these numbers in a variety of ways.  Here is our new Numbers 1-20 NO PREP (with Number Word Watches) packet!

There are 11 different activities on each page…

We pulled out our ten frame manipulatives as well…

When finding the number on the page, I incorporated a lot of different  fonts so that she would learn to recognize numbers in a variety of printed and published styles.  We used dot markers to add to the fun!

There are 11 different activities on this page that help to teach all about a specific number

  I wanted Sophia to SEE what each number looks like on a physical base 10 block, so I pulled out one of our math manipulative.
This physical touching and counting really helped to solidify the concept.

This little Moffatt Girl REALLY wants to be able to write numbers and words like her big sister, but we are not fully there yet.  The Trace and Write part gives her the practice she craves and models correct letter formation.  

FINALLY came the super FUN part…
The WEARABLE Number Word Watches!
Just color, cut and wear!

I made it loose enough so that it could slip on and off.  I would ask, "What time is it?" and she would look at her watch and say, "ONE o'clock!"

She was so proud of her watch!  

Sportin' her number word watch!

Making learning FUN...

There are 11 different activities included on each page:
1. Color a specific number of items in the ten frame
2. Find and color the correct number (uses a variety of fonts)
3. Trace and write the number
4. Trace and write the number word
5. Write comes before and after the given number
6. Draw the correct number of dots on the domino
7. Color the correct number word
8. Color the correct number of base ten blocks
9. Show the number in the ten frame or color the correct number of items
10. Tally up the given number
**11. Color, cut and WEAR your number word watch!

You can grab this Numbers 1-20 packet {HERE}


Jennifer White said...

Love it!
First Grade Blue SKies

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

Nice Annie!
- Leslie

Miss Cosby said...

I'm a first grade teacher and I'm wishing every kindergarten teacher used this at least once throughout the school year. It could even be a great beginning of year refresher when I get them. :D

You Might Be a First Grader….


She is adorable!


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