Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Design and Drill Socket to Me GIVEAWAY!

The littlest Moffatt Girl is in preschool and a lot of her "school" time involves play.  I LOVE using resources from Educational Insights as part of our "school" time!  I am excited to share the Design and Drill Socket to Me  set with you!  This is NOT just for boys…girls like it too! In fact, this 4 year old girl is in LOVE with this socket set!  I think most kids like to create and make things.

What is included in the set?
-4 hands-on construction projects
-30 brightly colored bolts
-Socket wrench with forward and reverse with with real ratcheting sounds

We learned the righty-tighty, lefty-loosy skill here :) This was a perfect learning tool for us because we are still working on right and left.

She loves the little ratcheting sounds made when she turns the socket.
I love that this super fun "toy" allows her to work on fine motor skills and develop her creativity! She played with this for an hour or so and then wanted to play the very next day!  This quickly became a favorite choice of FUN things to do during school!

The pieces are both durable and easy for little hands to manipulate.  The little switch on the wrench lets her control the forward and reverse.

She was SO proud of her creations and wanted to unscrew them and do it again and again!
So simple, yet so fun!
If you are looking for a high quality toy that encourages little hands to build and keep busy…this set is PERFECT!  I am really thankful that we have this resources and I wish I had 100 to giveaway!  Here is your chance to WIN a set!  Just use the rafflecopter below:


Mrs. Garcia said...

My little one would love this game.

Kim said...

Looks like fun!

Cara TaylorSteele said...

LOVE all your product reviews! You do so much cool stuff with your girls! Thanks for sharing!!

kelseyk said...

My four year would love this!

Alisha said...

My little girl would love this!!!!

Alisha said...

My little girl would love this!!!!

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