Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 3

I LOVE our Ready2Read program!  It is not because I created it, but because this little Moffatt Girl is enjoying learning how to read!  She is having so much FUN and that makes my heart happy!  This is learning at its best and I am so THRILLED to be a part of it!

Like I mentioned in past posts, we are taking each unit very slowly!  This is at HER pace and there is absolutely NO stress, striving or tears involved.  In this post, you will see Level 1 Unit 3 in action. If you are new to the Ready2Read Program, you can see the information page {HERE}.

Unit 3 Sight Words: in, big, jump, down, my
Unit 3 Word Families: -it and -ot
*Daily Lesson Plans Included

You can get Unit 3 HERE or Grab the BUNDLE for 20% off!

We started out with our Sight Word Circles to add to our growing sight word caterpillar! We read and reread these each week to review the sight words.

I like to laminate them before I cut them out so that they last for the entire Level 1.

Break the Sight Word Code!  
She LOVES this!  She feels so accomplished when she decodes and reads her sight words!

Decorating Sight Words is always FUN!
 Squeezing those glue bottles really help to build fine motor skills needed for writing.  

 Here come the sprinkles!
We have used a lot of different things to decorate our sight words, but the cake decorations seem to be a favorite ;)

Eating the cake decorations is also a favorite!

 Here is our Color by Word Family page.
It is really exciting to see and hear her sound out each word before she colors it.

She is so proud of her coloring and her reading!

Color by Sight Word!
Kids like to color and this Color by Sight Word page works on the specific sight words from this unit!
I also like how we are able to work on reading color words!

Crayon Box Word Family Word Sort for the -it and -ot word families!

 I like to mix up the crayons so she can practice reading (sounding out) each word and the sorting them under the correct box.  She LOVED this and wanted to play again and again! I like to laminate this activity as well because we can always use it as a quick review down the road.  

As she sounded out each word, I could see her confidence building and building!
 Her reading becomes more fluent with each crayon!

How adorable is our little Word Family Worm?!  
This little guy will be added to our Word Family Word Wall!

Here is the Word Family Flower of this week…

Read and Color
This is another fun activity that works on reading one word family at a time. 

Pull a card and read the word...

Find the word on the page and color, or in this case we used dot markers!

 Giggles and laughs when she realized she dotted the wrong one!

After we use the cards for the activity, I put them in our pocket chart.  The pocket chart also allows us to review the words quickly. We also play a fun game with these cards.  I give her a piece of crumpled up paper, she throws it at the pocket chart and reads the word that she hit.  It's fast, fun and helps build fluency!

 Stamping Up Sight Words!
This is a fun activity which really helps kids work on spelling the sight words letter by letter!

 She really likes this activity, especially with the blueberry WASHABLE ink!

CVC Puzzles
I like to put little magnets on the back of our CVC puzzle pieces, but it is not necessary.  
This allow for some FUN word building!  

She likes to build the picture and then sound out the letters to make a word.
Needless to say, this activity is VERY effective!

 This is another CVC building activity that I like to use with magnets. 
You can see her mouth sounding out the "o" in the word pot!
Letter by letter, sound by sound she builds and READS the words!

It is interactive and FUN!  It takes the B-O-R-I-N-G out of learning how to read!
Most importantly, it builds confidence and allows kids to realized that they CAN read!
Building confidence is half the battle!

Sing and Spell your Sight Words!
Again, I like to keep these on magnets so that it is fun and easy for her to snap the words in place.  She sings her sight words to the tune of B-I-N-G-O and then she wants to do it again… and again!

 This simple activity reaches the auditory, kinesthetic and visual learners!  

This week we turned a very simple task into a CREATIVE activity.  
These are our Read it, Trace it, Paste it pages.

 On this first page she traced the word with one color and then color coded the boxes to match.

 Something so simple, but with a creative twist!

 On the next Read it, Trace it, Paste it page, we decided to use markers and matching dot markers!

Trace the word with a specific color marker and then dot the word with a dot marker!

Reading is FUN!

NOTE: Not all of the activities are shown for this unit.

You can get Level 1 Unit 3 {HERE}
Or you can get the BUNDLE for all of Level 1 {HERE} for a discounted price!

Other resources that we are using with Ready2Read Level 1:

Enjoy your week and enjoy the journey!


Valerie Fahselt said...

I love your products, my 6 yr old LOVES (which is an understatement) your emergent readers and I can read simple sentences. I often read your blog late at night when everyone else is finally asleep, today I got a chance to catch up and my daughter was with me, and she asked me how old your daughter was, I couldn't recall seeing her age anywhere so I said I would ask you.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Valerie!
Thank you so much for your kind words! My Sophia is 4 1/2 and Audrey will be 7 in June. Thank you for asking!
Annie :)

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Valerie!
Thank you so much for your kind words! My Sophia is 4 1/2 and Audrey will be 7 in June. Thank you for asking!
Annie :)

Jennifer White said...

I love your pictures! Your girls are getting so big!

Amanda van rooyen said...

Hi Valerie / The Moffatt Girls
I think your ideas are stunning! I just love all the different ways you created. The kids will learn without even knowing it!! Brilliant ideas!
Thank you

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