Thursday, May 29, 2014

Kitten Caboodle GIVEAWAY!

The Moffatt Girls LOVE Educational Insights because they make so many fabulous and adorable resources that make learning FUN!  When I opened the package with this Kitten Caboodle game in it, the girls went NUTS!  You could imagine the squeals of delight when you open a game with cute kittens!

How Do You Play?
Kitten Kaboodle is played like the traditional "Go Fish" style card game, but with an adorable kitty them!   Each player takes turns drawing from the stack of "go fish" cards or from another player's hand to collect the cards you need to adopt the kitten they want.  Once you collect the pet necessities and accessories for a specific cat, you can adopt it!  The person who adopts the most kittens wins!
 I also like that they kitten are real-life pets!  CUTE! 

What is included in the Kitten Kaboodle game?
*7 Die-cut cats with plastic stands
*28 playing cards

The Best Part?  They are LEARNING!
*Encourages social skills, turn taking and good sportsmanship
*Promotes counting skills 
*Helps with matching skills

There are 7 different kittens ready for adoption:
Jade, Cooper, Kitty Karryall, Fergie, Austin, Boris and Mrs. Wu!

Meet Jade!
Jade needs a scratching post, can of food and a bed.  
You must collect all 3 items in order to adopt Jade.

This was a FUN game for Sophia who is currently in preschool.  I liked that the game wasn't too difficult for her.  In fact, it was just the right level and she wanted to play again and again!

Sophia really wanted to adopt Jade, but it took patience.  She had two of the three cards, but still needed the bed in order get Jade.  As we all know, waiting and turn taking can be a challenge for a pre-schooler!  In fact, there were a few tears when she didn't get the kitten that she wanted.  This was such a GOOD way for her to learn some basic skills and lessons in life ;)  

I am happy to say that she was able to move on and adopt a few other kittens! 

The 1st Grader was as equally excited about this game! 
 I LOVE that they could play this game together and have FUN!

Guess who won Jade the 2nd time we played!?
It was a happy moment for Sophia!

 Mrs. Wu was another favorite...

Another little lesson that we learned about playing games is that you CAN'T share what cards you draw!  Oh this was so HARD for her!  Once she picked up a piece she needed for the kitten she wanted, she quickly shouted it out!
This game was a BLAST for both my pre-schooler and soon to be 2nd grader!

Now here is YOUR chance to win this ADORABLE Kitten Kaboodle game! 
Just use the Rafflecopter below!

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