Tuesday, April 22, 2014

FUN with Ladybugs!

Every year we release a bunch of ladybugs in our rose garden.  It is such a simple thing, but SO much FUN for the girls!  We look at the ladybugs, talk about their lifecycle, their spots, what they eat and anything else that might come up.  

Here are a few pictures from our recent ladybug release…

I picked up this container of ladybugs at Ace Hardware for $6.99.  

 As you can see, once you open the lid they keep coming and coming and coming...

 There were a lot of ohhs and aahs!

 My little Sophia found a ladybug and named it Spotty.  When Spotty flew away, we found him again ….and again….and again ;)

 Releasing the ladybugs was a wonderful opportunity to enjoy the simple things in life.  Someone asked me, "What do you do after you release them?"  Well…we talk about them.  Kids have a ton of questions and it turns into a very simple and wonderful science lesson.  It doesn't have to be complicated to be fun.

 Spotty also liked my phone.  I think he was wondering why I don't check my messages :)  
We have more important things to do right now, Spotty.

 Oh my…ladybugs everywhere!  On our dresses and in our hair… so much FUN!

 Taking a closer look...

 Hopefully the ladybugs ate all the aphids off of my rose bushes.

 Keeping it simple and FUN!

Up next?  


Sara Gaitan said...

I am thinking of trying this with my little girl this year. I am just worried if she will freak out because she isn't too fond of crawly things! =) I love how curious and engaged your girls are with it all.

Teaching Munchkins

Veronica said...

I LOVE this! Have to try it with the kiddos SOON! Thanks for sharing!

Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

Its amazing to watch your girls grow too ;) Great photos captured this year Annie!
- Leslie

Kay Bowers said...

Will have to check out my local stores and see if they carry them. What a great idea.

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