Sunday, March 2, 2014

Stamping Sight Words and Word Families…on the hand!

I LOVE when kids get excited about learning to read!  The littlest Moffatt Girl has recently started Ready2Read Level 1 and we are taking it slow!  One of the fun learning activities that I have been doing is stamping sight words and word families on her hand.  She LOVES it!  I use washable ink so it comes off easily.

Stamping sight words…
This is just another FUN and effective way to reinforce sight words!

I also like to stamp Word Families on the hand…
Since we have been working on the -at family, I stamped the last two letters on her hand.  I ask, "what rhymes with -at?"  Her response, "hat, cat, bat, rat, fat!"  She loves it and I can see her brain working!  Such a tool for visual learners!

I hope you find this stamping words "tip" helpful!

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