Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Can Read Simple Sentences Set 1 NO PREP Packet!

I am SO, SO excited about our new I Can Read (Simple Sentences Set 1) NO PREP Packet!

This packet is perfect for BEGINNING readers, EARLY readers and/or STRUGGLING readers! I wanted to create a packet that would help kids build CONFIDENCE and FLUENCY through sight word recognition and CVC (short vowel) word families. 

This packet does NOT include words that would require a kid to GUESS at reading.  The words and sentences in this packet rely on sight word recognition of all pre-primer sight words and  the ability to decode simple short vowel words.  There are over 500 DIFFERENT simple sentences in this packet, which really gives kids an opportunity to practice and master simple sentences!

Here are the activities included in the I Can Read Simple Sentences  NO PREP Set 1) Packet!

I Can Read it and Match it!
These pages include simple sentences that students cut out, match and paste under the correct picture.  There are about 12 different simple sentences on each page.

 I Can READ and DRAW Simple Sentences
The read and draw pages include a simple sentence where students can draw a picture to match the sentence. These pages help create ownership of their reading since they are drawing a picture to match the sentence.

Spin and Read Simple Sentences
These pages are like a game for kids!  To create the spinner,  use a paperclip and pencil, flick the paperclip with your finger and choose a simple sentence to read in that column.  If students read the sentence correctly, they can check off the box.  This "game" can be played individually, with a partner or in small groups.  Each student will use a different colored marker/crayon to check of their sentence.  What a FUN and effect way to work on reading fluency! Each page include 14 DIFFERENT simple sentences.

Roll and Read Simple Sentences!
Here is another "game" that students will absolutely LOVE!  Pull out a die, roll it and read a simple sentence in the correct column! This game is very similar to the Spin and Read. There are a total off 33 simple sentences on EACH page!

I Can READ Simple Stories!
There are a total of 10 simple stories that are PERFECT for helping kids decode simple CVC words and recognize sight words!  Again, there are NO words that will require kids to guess at. 

This packet covers 500+ simple sentences for kids build FLUENCY and CONFIDENCE!

If you like this packet, be sure to check out our Emergent Readers, which also incorporate simple sentences! 

It is on SALE today along with everything else in our store!


Melissa Abernathy said...

You must be a mind reader! When I came across these in your Kindergarten Spring Packet, I really liked them! I was hoping you would create an entire packet like this and you have! Thank you!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank you so much, Melissa! I had a few requests to make a packet around the printables in the Spring Packet. I am so glad you like them!!
Annie :)

susan said...

I love, love, love your products! You are very talented. I used the spring packet reading ( the one with 9 boxes) - my students really enjoyed working with these. Especially rereading them with their reading buddies.

Jennifer White said...

LOVE this, Annie!!
First Grade Blue Skies

Tracy said...

I love this packet! I am going to use it for my higher Kindergarten reading groups. I have a question on one of the pages of I can read it and match it #1. The sentence says "I have a pad. I can put it on my pad." It goes with the notebook and pencil picture. Is this what the sentence should be?

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