Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Time for a SALE!

Everyone LOVES a good sale and it is FINALLY here! TPT is having a big, HUGE sitewide SALE!   Now is the time to stock up on everything you love on Teachers Pay Teachers! The Moffatt Girls store is 20% off and TPT will be kicking in an ADDITIONAL 10%!

*USE PROMO CODE: TPT3 at checkout to get the additional 10% off. 
**Be sure to leave FEEDBACK for past purchases to offset current purchases!
***Sale Dates: February 27th and 28th

Here are some of our favorite NEW RELEASE that require NO PREP, NO laminating, NO costly colored ink!  Just PRINT and GO!
All time best sellers and favorites…

The Bundles are already 20% off, but the sale price (with promo code TPT3) will reduce the price an ADDITIONAL 28%!

I am off to fill my cart with all the things that I LOVE at TPT!  
Don't forget…LEAVE FEEDBACK for past purchases and you will save money on current purchases!
USE PROMO CODE: TPT3 at checkout!
Happy Shopping!

1 comment:

Ashlea said...

Awesome for the sale, but now I'm regretting purchasing the Spring Packet for Kindergarten yesterday lol! I was going to wait until later this week, but I got all excited and bought it yesterday. Ahhh well! Love your products. :)

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