Thursday, February 28, 2013

Daily Journal Prompts for March!

A writer has been born in our house and I contribute it to the fact that we have been writing every single day in our Daily Journals!  I recently finished our Daily Journal Prompt for March and we are ready for the month of March!

Writing on a daily basis is so important for kids!   It is also super important that the journal prompts are of high interest and engage children in the writing process.  These prompts are so versatile and can be used as a structured writing piece or just a free write for K-2 students.

Daily Journal Prompts for March

I LOVE the fact that Audrey is so eager to write and she usually wants to complete 2 journal prompts a day.  My favorite part about these daily journal prompts is that I had them spiral bound for a couple of dollars and now I have a keepsake for all of her writing.  We will be able to look back and see how much her writing has developed.

The journal prompts come in both handwriting paper and lined paper...

Here is a sample of one of the prompts...

Audrey recently wrote this a cute story about The Mad Blue Bird.  Although it may have grammatical error and no periods, her love for writing is there and I can easily address the other "issues" later.   Her writing has taken off since I started her on our Daily Journal Prompts.  Since Audrey is "technically" only in Kindergarten, I am holding off on a more structured writing program until next year.  
One day there was a big red juicy apple in the tree and a little bird down in the grass, but that was the Mad Blue Bird.  The Mad Blue Bird wanted to eat the apple so Mad Blue Bird flew up and up until he was up in the tree.  Mad Blue Bird ate a bite and another until he ate it all!

She may have a few run-on sentences and no periods...but I LOVE this story!! 

You can grab our Daily Journal Prompts for March by clicking the buttons below!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Ready2Read Level 3 Unit 1

Ready2Read Level 3 is finally here and I am SO excited be able to post about Unit 1!  There will be a total of 10 units in Level 3.  Although the lesson plans are designed to work through all the materials in a week, we actually took about 1 1/2 weeks to get through each unit. The most important thing is that we had TONS of fun learning new sight words, word families and long vowels.  I must warn you though, there are a massive amount of pictures in this blog post, and I didn't even capture everything we did!
Level 3 is all about making learning fun, exciting and rewarding!

**If you are new to the Ready2Read program, you can see the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.

Level 3 Theme: Ocean Theme
Unit 1 Sight Words: after, has, over, again
Unit 1 Word Families: -ay, -ain
Long Vowel: a

Level 3 also includes a Common Core Standards Alignment Chart for all of the Reading Foundational Skills for 1st Grade!

Trace it, Stamp it, Paste it with sight words...
This is a great activity for some hands-on learning.  Kids are tracing their sight words, stamping the sight words, cutting out their sight words and then pasting their sight words into the correct spots.  Tons of interaction in just a single printable!

                            Word Family Word Sort 
The goal is to read and sort all of the word family pictures into the correct sections.  The fun part is to make a scene with off of the "Wonderland" printables!  So much FUN!

Sight Word Word Search
The sight word word searches in Level 3 are all about finding the NEW sight words and REVIEWING previous sight words from Level 1 and Level 2.

Roll, Read and Color Word Families

Kids LOVE games and this Roll, Read and Color the Word Family is a great way to build fluency and keep the game fast paced.  We just dot markers to mark off the words as we read them.

Go Fish with Word Families
We used our Word Family Cards to play Go Fish (Word Family Style).  She beat me...really...she beat me:)  It is all about making it fun, especially at this age!
Spin and Graph Sight Words
Another "game" with sight sight words!  Spin it and graph it!

Missing Letter
The Missing Letter sheet is great for helping with spelling sight words.  It also works on printing :)

Write the Room Word Families
HUGE hit!!  This was something that Audrey asked me to do EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!  Oh my goodness...this is such a fantastic and FUN way to learn and practice words families (and sight words)! It is like treasure hunt around the house.  She finds the words and records it on her recording sheet. 

Write the Room Sight Words

Write the Room Word Families (-ay words)...

Word Family Word Race
Audrey used a blue dot marker to read her way from the start to finish line with all of the -ay word family words.  We also did this with the -ain family.  To uplevel the printable, she used a red dot marker to read all of the other words on the sheet.

Color by Sight Word
Color by Sight all time favorite!  We have been doing this since Level 1!
Coloring + Reading Sight Words = FUN Learning :)
It doesn't get better than that!
            Sight Word Graphing AND Word Family GraphingWith the Sight Word Graphing, students graph the sight words and fill in the correct boxes.  With the Word Family Graphing, students graph the correct word family word by writing it in the box that has the correct word family.  The added bonus is that students are also practicing some math graphing skills!
Roll, Trace and Check it Off
Just like Rainbow Writing, students roll a die 3 times for each sight word.  They trace the sight words according to the number and color.  This also helps with spelling.
Word Family Word Slides
Keeping with our Ocean Theme, we have some seashell word slides for both sets of word families.  As Audrey read each sight words, she wrote the sight word on her mini whiteboard.  

Decorate Sight Words
This is such a FUN way to have some hands-on interaction with learning!  It doesn't get more authentic than this and kids are really using all of the learning styles with this activity.

Sight Word Headbands!
Yes, we LOVE our sight word headbands!  Again, there is a lot of interaction with this printable: cutting, cutting, coloring, reading and of course...wearing your sight word headband!

These mini-books are great for fluency!  Kids get to color them, cut them out, assemble them and read them!  True ownership of their learning!

                          Box Them Up!  Elkonin Boxes This really is a perfect challenge for kids!   They use Elkonin Boxes to put their word families into the correct spots.  Elkonin Boxes are great for stretching words out by sounds and helps to build better decoding skills

Sight Word Make-a-Match
This is such an effective way to help students identify words with different fonts!  When students can read words in a variety of settings, they become much more confident readers!

Read a Sentence Board Game! 
This printable is great for practicing fluency with new word families and sight words found in the units.    There are 20 sentences to practice reading and a lot of fun!

                                                                                               Word Family Word Sort Once again, by using a variety of fonts (with word families) students are able to sort the words and easily read them in different settings.   Sight Word Tic-Tac-Toe Another game and another way to make learning FUN!  Can you tell who won this game;)  It wasn't me!

Wonderful Word Families
In this activity, kids will spin the spinner and then trace and read a word family word.  The first player to get 4 in a row...WINS!  Well, at least that is one way to play.

Stamp it Up
Without even realizing it, kids are using a lot of brain power in this activity.  They are reading the word family word, finding the correct stamps to make the word and the stamping the word.  We used blueberry ink pad to engage the senses:)
Each day, Audrey had to use the magnetic letter tiles to build one of her new sight words.  That big thing on the left is our $10 oil pan!  I LOVE it because it can really hold a lot and it can also be stored away pretty easily.   
Word Family and Sight Word Detectives
SO.MUCH.FUN!  Little Word Family and Sight Word Detectives are on a search to locate the tiny, tiny words and then record them!  This activity allows them to find the word, read the word, and write the word.  So much is going on in just one printable!

Ready2Read Certificate!
Melt.My.Heart!  I LOVE this little girl!  This proud little honey just received her first Ready2Read Certificate for Level 3 Unit 1!

Here is what our Ocean Theme Wall looks like after our first unit!  We have a few long vowel posters, some cute sight word starfish, word family turtles and an ocean water that you want to dive right into!

Includes Lesson Plans, Common Core Assessment Sheets and more!

Here are a few extra activities that we did that are NOT included in the above packet...but so much fun!

Additional Resources:
Sight Word Watches for our 4 new Sight Words from the 1st Grade packet.  We mostly worked on two words that Audrey had trouble spelling.

I forgot to snap a picture, but here is what they look like when you are wearing them!

We also started collecting our Sight Word Money for 1st Grade!  Who doesn't love to earn some Sight Word Bucks?  She collects the sight words for each unit and puts them in her Super Girls Sight Word Wallet.  Then she checks off the sight words on the back of her sight word wallet.  

Stampin up some fun with play dough and Play Dough Stamps (from Lakeshore) was also on our list of fun stuff to do.  I really LOVE these stamps because you can use them for so many different learning activities!  The 3 year old loves them, too!  
Wow!  That wraps it up for our very first post for Ready2Read Level 3 Unit 1.  

Check them out in our shops below!

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