Friday, December 6, 2013

December Learning at its BEST!

Christmas comes and goes so quickly!  Since we still have to do school during Christmastime, I want it to be both FUN and engaging!  Here is a peek at  what we having been working on this week…

Audrey been using a lot of the printables from our Christmas NO PREP Packet for 1st Grade since they all have a Christmas theme!  
We have 3 interactive grammar foldables in the packet and they were a HUGE hit and such a great learning tool! 

On the back of the foldable, there is a place to write a sentence about the penguin using your grammar words.  Writing and grammar all wrapped up in a cute FOLDABLE :)

We also worked on spinning and finding a time by the half hour...

Allow me to embarrass myself…
One of the printables in the packet requires students to write and draw step by step instructions on how to wrap a present.  Together, we brainstormed the steps and I wrote them on our chart paper.  I have some very bad drawing to illustrate it :)  I am NOT an artist!

On the other hand, my six year old did a pretty good job!  I asked her, "Did you like this writing piece?"  She exclaimed, "I MORE than liked it!!!  I LOVED it!"  That made my teacher heart VERY happy!  Writing can be a real struggle for kids, but this was really fun!  We spent our entire writing time with this page and took full advantage of it!
We also wanted to make sure that our step by step instructions really worked, 
so we wrapped a Christmas present :)

When we worked with our Time to Help Santa page, I pulled out clock to help see and work out the word problems.  This was such great visual and way to make time more concrete.

Our Letters for Christmas was the PERFECT challenge!  At the bottom of the page, students will cut out the letter tiles that spell the word Christmas.  They use the letter tiles to make new words.  At first, Audrey only made a few words, but as we worked on it a bit more and she got the hang of it!  She went from making simple -at family words to more complex word families, like cash, mash and sash.  She was super excited when she found a few 5 letter words!
Such a happy little learner :)  

ABC Order for Santa's Reindeer was both fun and a good opportunity to practice ABC order when the a few of the names begin with the same first letter.

Even fixing up some Christmas Sentence was fun!

Even the littlest Moffatt Girl wanted to enjoy some Christmas fun, so I pulled out a few pages from our Christmas NO PREP Packet (Kindergarten).  This packet is a bit too advanced for her, but we were able to do a few pages together.
This page requires the student to read the simple CVC words on the Christmas lights and color according to the code.  After that, they cut and paste the lights onto their Christmas tree.
Don't mind the hair, she is just really focusing :)

This simple math word problem page was PERFECT for her!  She can read color words, so she just added the correct color and number of bulbs to each Christmas tree.  Such a fun way to practice math! It clicked!

 Here are a few Pinterest inspired Christmas crafts that we are planning for this coming week…

You can grab our Christmas NO PREP Packet Kindergarten packet here…

I am so excited to start this coming week!  


Sarah Hankinson said...

Many of those are printed and ready on my desk for next week since I bought both packs for my many different levels of learners! Gave a shout out to you on my post today: I hope you check it out!

Learning is for Superstars
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Pam said...

I am loving the packet! We just did the Santa foldable on Friday. My kids thought it was a fantastic activity. However, we had some issues with the directions. First it said to cut out the pentagon. If you take that direction literally, you would cut off the triangles. Just letting you know ;)

Tamara Chilver said...

I CANNOT WAIT to use these activities in the future with Colby and Charity. (Just another year or two.) You make learning SO MUCH FUN!

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