Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cyber Monday and Tuesday TPT SALE!

We are putting our ENTIRE store on SALE for Cyber Monday and Tuesday!  All of our products will be 20% off!  Use the code CYBER for an additional 10% off your purchase on TPT!

The BEST kind of SALE!  No lines, no traffic and 28% savings!
Here are a few our new releases…

PACKED with a LOT of good stuff!  

We just added our Vowel Teams Word Word to the bundle! 

You can see them in action {HERE}

Don't forget to use the CYBER code at checkout!
Also…ALL BUNDLES, including our Ready2Read BUNDLES, are on SALE!  The bundles are already discounted 20%, so with the extra 28% off… it is a HUGE savings! 
**Make sure to leave feedback for past purchases so you can use those TPT credits towards new purchases!

Happy Cyber Shopping!


Nikki Carel said...

I could spend my WHOLE paycheck at your TPT store! I already have the CVC Word Work pack and I can't wait to add more to it! My cart is stocked and ready for the sale!

Miss Kindergarten said...

Same with me Nikki...same with me! LOL! You are awesome Annie :)

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