Thursday, November 21, 2013

Winter Math and Literacy Packet (First Grade)

I am beyond EXCITED about our new Winter Math and Literacy Packet for 1st Grade!  This packet is FILLED to the brim with tons of hands-on and interactive resources that make learning FUN!  I can't wait to start using this packet…but we will wait until it is officially winter.

The BEST part about this packet is that it requires absolutely NO PREP!  All of the pages are in black and white, which saves on all the the costly colored ink!

The Winter Math and Literacy Packet (1st Grade) includes the following:

*Skating Penguins (works with place value)
*Adding and Subtracting (addition and subtraction up to 20)
*10 More and 10 Less (Spin the spinner to record answers of 10 More and 10 Less)
*Even and Odd (Color by even or odd numbers)
*Missing Addends (find the missing addends for the addition problems)
*Make a Math Sentence (add a +, - or + to make the sentence true)
*Too Much Information (solve word problems with extra information)
*Number Words (read the number words and write the number)
*Snowy Addition (Solve the Addition Problems and circle the ones that are true)
*Cocoa Cup Addition (Solve the addition problems up to 20, circle the correct answers)
*Winter Fact Families
*Skating Penguins (Solve addition problems)
*Shape Creations (cut out the given shapes, create a new shape and write a story about the picture)
*Winter Graphing (Answer questions related to the winter graph)
*Frosty Fractions (color the fractions)
*Mitten Addition (using 3 addends)
*Double Digit Addition with No Regrouping
*Name that Coin (cut and paste the correct coins into the correct boxes)
*Money Patterns (Complete the patterns by writing the value of the coins)
*Winter Shopping (Color the coins needed to buy each item)
*Let's Buy Toys (Add up 3 numbers to find the correct amounts)
*Counting Backwards (Count by 10's, 5's and 2's)
*More and Less (Count the each group of tens and ones, find 1 more, 10 more and 10 less)
*Number Order (put groups of numbers in order from least to greatest and greatest to least)
*Get in Line! (Answer questions about number and positional order)
*Roll and Solve Math Facts (addition and subtraction up to 20)
*Time by the Half Hour

Literacy and More…
*Winter Blends (color by the code r, s,, and l blends)
*Graph a Blend (br, fr gr and tr blends)
*Beginning Digraphs (Use the pictures to write beginning digraphs for th, wh, sh and ch)
*Ending Digraphs (Use the pictures to write ending digraphs for ch, ck, sh and th)
*Spin Read and Trace a Digraph (ch and sh digraphs)
*Spin, Read and Trace a Digraph Part II (th and the beginning and end)
*Mitten Verbs (color the mittens that have verbs)
*Make it Plural (as "s" or "es" to make each noun plural)
*Plural and Singular Mitten Nouns (use the word bank to sort and write singular and plural nouns)
*Plural and Possessive Phrases (Use the color code to color the plural and possessive phrases)
*Let's Make a Statement (Fix each statement)
*Let's Ask a Question (Fix each question)
*Action Words (Choose the correct verb to complete the sentence)
*Parts of Speeech (chat and paste the nouns and verbs into the correct columns)
*Past and Present (Use the word bank to record past and present verbs)
*Mitten Contractions (color the pair of words that match the contraction)
*Capitalizing Dates (Rewrite the dates with the correct capitalization and commas)
*Working with Commas (Add commas to each series of items)
*Writing Sentences with Commas (Rewrite the sentences and add commas)
*Winter ABC Order (cut out the winter words, put them ABC order and write them on the lines)
*Months of the Year (cut out the months, put them in order and write them on the lines)
*ABC Order (put the words in ABC order-all words begin with the same letter)
*Spin and Read a Fry Phrase (Fluency practice- list 1)
*Spin and Read a Fry Phrase (Fluency practice part of list 1 and list 2)
*Winter Sentences (Write a fantastic sentence about each picture)
Winter Sentences Part II (Write fantastic sentences about each picture)
*Mixed up Cocoa (unscramble the words to make a sentence, write the sentence)
*Compound Words Part I (cut and paste)
*Compound Words Part II (cut and paste)
*Follow Winter Directions (Read the directions and draw a picture to match)
*The Snowball Fight (writing prompt)
*How to Build a Snowman (Write directions using First, Next, Then and Finally- 
Draw a picture for each step)
*How to Make Hot Chocolate (Write directions using First, Next, Then and Finally- 
Draw a picture for each step)
*How to Decorate a Christmas Tree (Write directions using First, Next, Then and Finally- 
Draw a picture for each step)
*Christmas Writing Paper (stocking)
*Winter Writing Paper (Mittens and Birds)
*Winter Writing Paper (Snowman)

I can't wait to get started on these!  I hope you find them helpful this winter :)

You can grab our Math and Literacy Packet for Kindergarten here…

It's on SALE for the next couple of days!

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Practically Penniless said...

Yay! Looking forward to working through this. Can we have Spring next? Pretty, pretty please?!

Jennifer White said...

This is awesome, Annie!
First Grade Blue Skies

Heather said...

I love these! Have you thought about making a second grade packet? :)

andrea chiu said...

Start your day positively and the rest will follow. Please do visit my site.Thank you and have a good day.

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