Monday, October 7, 2013

Writing in October and November

We have been working a lot on writing and our Daily Journal Prompts have made life so much easier! The best part about the journal prompts is that there is no prep needed, we just print and write!

This writing piece is from our November Journal Prompts.  We brought this one out a bit early since we have been learning a lot about Native Americans.  This was not a structured writing piece, but just an opportunity for us to incorporate some extra writing for the day.  However, you could easily use these as a structured writing if wanted to.
Question: What do you know about Native Americans?
They hunt deer, fish and buffalo.  Native Americans lived in teepees.  They ride and race horses.  
They were good at making clothes out of animal skins.  

Here is one of our writing prompts from September and I LOVE this one!
Question: What do you like best about your teacher?
My teacher is Mrs. Moffatt.  I love my teacher because she is my mommy.
(By the way, that picture looks exactly like me!) ;)
Here is one more from our Daily Journal Prompts from September...
Question: What is your favorite color?  What comes in that color?
My favorite color is purple and blue.  Flowers can be blue and purple.  Butterflies can be purple and blue, too.

Here are the most recent journal prompts...

Daily Journal Prompts for December should be out soon :)


Lori Rosenberg said...

What beautiful writing! You must be so proud of your model student. Who, by the way, has a model teacher!
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Jennifer White said...

That's one smart cookie!
First Grade Blue SKies

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