Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Math and Literacy Packet (1st Grade)

I am SO excited about our NEW Fall Math and Literacy Packet for 1st Grade!  I have been working like crazy to get this packet finished and I am happy that is is finally DONE!  Just like our Kindergarten packet, this 1st Grade version is filled to the brim with fun, hands-on resources!  There is NO FLUFF in this packet!   Every page has been carefully aligned to meet the standards for 1st Grade and I must say that this is my favorite pack yet!

The BEST part about this packet is that there is absolutely NO PREP needed!  Just print the pages and teach!  The pages are all black and white, which means no costly colored ink!

Included in this Fall Math and Literacy Packet:
*Apple Rhymes (practice reading and rhyming CVC words)
*Fall Fix it Sentences
*Write a Fall Sentence about the Fall Pictures
*Fall Sentences Part II (practice writing fantastic sentences about the picture)
*Question Marks and Periods
*Words that Tell Where (draw a picture to match the sentence with positional words)
*Falling for Short Vowels (reading, writing and sorting short vowels)
*What Type of Noun?  (use the color code to color a person, place or thing)
*Acorn Verbs
*Real or Fantasy Sentences
*Raking up Long Vowel Sounds
*Read, Write and Draw with Number Words and Color Words
*Complete a Fall Party Invitation
*Apple Picking Blends
*ABC Order with CVC Words
*ABC Order for Fall (fall words)
*Autumn Addition (Addition with 3 number up to 20)
*Scarecrow Subtraction
*Roll and Color the Turkey (using 3 dice - practice addition up to 18)
*Fall Measurement (measure each fall item using the leaf ruler)
*Fall Numbers to 100 (write numbers up to 100, count and color by 2's and 5's)
*Ordinal Numbers for Fall
*Fact Families
*Time for Fall (Read and Write Time by the Hour)
*Fall by the Half Hour (Read and Write the Time by the Half Hour)
*I Know My Time (Draw hands on the clock for the half hour)
*I Know My Time (Draw hands on the clock for the hour)
*Place Value Using Tens and Ones
*Base Ten Blocks (Tens and Ones)
*Perfect Place Value (practice identifying the tens and ones place)
*Falling for Place Value (Number Clues)
*Number Words (cut and paste)
*Place Value Addition
*Piles of Leaves (Answer the Questions from the Graph)
*Hungry Squirrel (Answer the Questions from the Graph)
*Add it up!  (Addition)
*What's the Difference (subtraction)
*Even or Odd (cut and paste)
*Missing Addends
*Hot Cocoa Cups (Read, Identify and Write Number Words)
*Proper and Common Nouns (cut and paste)
*Nouns and Verbs (cut and paste)
*Numbers - What Comes Before, Between and After
*Missing Addends (2nd Number)
*I Can Read My Sight Words (Complete Check Off List of 1st Grade Dolch Sight Words)
*Falling for CVC Words (Write the CVC word in the sound box)
*Falling for CVCe Words (Write the CVCe word in the sound box)
*Shape UP!  (What new shape can you make with a given set of shapes?)
*Writing Prompt: What do you like best about fall? (2 pages)
*Writing Prompt: What do you like best about Thanksgiving? (2 pages)

A few of these printable "in action"...
I had a very happy little girl when I broke out our Fall Math and Literacy packet the other day!  What I LOVE best about these printables is that they are right on target for 1st grade and they are FUN!

We played the Roll and Color the Turkey and used 3 dice for some simple addition practice.   This was a hit!  I can't even tell you how many times we rolled the dice and added the 3 numbers.  I think she thought we were playing a game all morning...I guess we were :)  I loved seeing her brain working at adding 3 numbers.  She would say, "5 + 5 = 10 and four more is 14!"  Then she would color that number on the turkey.
It's all about the dice and the crayons!  Math doesn't get any better than that!
We also worked on some Fall Measurement with our "leaf ruler"...
Of course we had to use the ruler to measure crayons, boxes, pencils and a ton of other things!  We learned about estimating as well!  So fun!  We really took a simple printable to the next level!
We worked on Ordinal Numbers...
We even had a fun Fall Party Invitation to practice reading, fluency and writing!  This simple printable also worked with writing the date, looking at a calendar to determine the 3rd Saturday in November, time and elapsed time.  I encouraged perfect penmanship since it was an "important" party invitation and we also brainstormed different fall foods.  This was a great opportunity to touch on so many different areas of 1st Grade standards!
Shape UP!  This was a bit a mental challenge for us so we will be coming back to this printable again.  I think I will also take out some shape manipulatives to get some extra practice.  Geometry in its earliest form!

We worked on writing some fantastic sentences on our Fall Sentences paper.  We incorporated all there types of sentences and talked the difference between a boring sentence and a GREAT sentence!  We talked about using details and incorporating more descriptive words.   

These are just a few of the fun resources found in our Fall Math and Literacy Packet for 1st Grade! 

 You can grab a copy here...

You can check out our Fall Math and Literacy for Kindergarten {HERE}


Miss Kindergarten said...

Oh my goodness, I think you have the smartest 1st grader in all the land!!!

Nikki said...

LOVE love LOVE it!!!!

Miss T said...

Super adorbs and your daughter is presh! Love ya Annie!

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rehana kasi said...

Simply amazing.....super teacher

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