Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fall Math and Literacy Packet (Kindergarten)!

Fall is here and I just LOVE this season!  So many reasons to enjoy and appreciate fall! I am have been super busy making a Fall Math and Literacy Packet for Kindergarten and finally finished it!  I wanted to create a Fall Packet that was going to make learning FUN and easy!  I have loaded our Fall Math and Literacy Packet with tons of hands-on resources that meet Common Core Standards!

The BEST part about this packet is that there is absolutely NO PREP needed!  Just print the pages and teach!  The pages are all black and white, which helps save money on all that costly colored ink!

Here is what is included is this Fall Math and Literacy Packet:
*Complete the Patterns (fall style)
*Upper and Lowercase Letter Match
*ABC Uppercase Apples
*ABC Lowercase Apples
*Practice Writing Upper and Lowercase Letters
*Leaves of Color (Color Word Practice)
*Beginning Sounds (Cut and Paste)
*Ending Sounds (Cut and Paste)
*Circle and Color Beginning Sounds
*Listen for the Beginning Sound and Write the Missing Letter
*Counting Apple Seeds (Cut and Paste Numbers Up to 10)
*Apple Numbers (Trace Numbers 1-20)
*My Pumpkin Mini-Book (Includes simple sentences, sight words and color words) 4 pages makes an 8 page mini-book
*Apple Mini-Book (Simple words and sight words for beginning readers) 
*Circle and Color Ending Sounds
*Colorful Pumpkins (Practice Reading Color Words)
*Ten Frame Practice Up to 10!
*Ten Frame Acorns Up to 20!
*Let's Make 10! (Complete the Ten Frame Number Sentence to Make 10)
*Color by Sight Words and Read a Sight Word Sentence (Fall Leaves)
*Color by Sight Words and Read a Sight Word Sentence (Apple Basket)
*Roll and Color the Turkey
*Roll, Add and Color a Sunflower (Use the Sum of Two Dice)
*Roll, Add and Color a Pumpkin (Use the Sum of Two Dice)
*Sight Word Apples (Read and Identify the Sight Words: I, see, the, is and a)
*Sight Word Sunflowers (Read and Identify the Sight Words: (we, up, go, me, in)
*Color, Count and Graph Fall 
*Digging Up Math (Cut and Paste Acorn Numbers in Order)
*Missing Acorns (Cut and Paste Acorn Numbers in Order)
Trick or Treat Candy Bags (Count, Cut and Paste)
*Hot Chocolate Word Families (Cut and Paste -at and -an words)
*Apple Word Families (Cut and Paste -ug and -p Apple Word Families)
*Find the Middle Vowel in Each CVC word and Color the CVC picture)
*Clap and Count the Fall Syllables (Color the Fall Pictures)
*What is My Vowel?  Circle the Middle Vowel Sound)
*Fall Patterns (AB, ABB, ABC, and Make Your OWN Pattern)
*Beginning and Endings (Look at the CVC Picture and Write the Beginning and Ending Sounds)
I can Graph Shapes!  (Circles, Rectangles, Triangles and Squares)
*Falling for Rhymes (Color the Pictures that Rhyme)
*Applelicious CVC Words (Look at the CVC pictures and write the word in the apples)
*Hot Chocolate CVC Words (Look at the CVC pictures and write the word on the mugs)
*Acorn Counting by 2's
*I Can Count by 5's (Sunflowers)
*Fall Addition Number Sentences Up to 10!
*I Can Write About Pumpkins (simple writing prompt)
I Can Write About Fall (simple writing prompt)

That should keep your kids/students busy with meaningful learning!  

We also have a 1st Grade Fall Math and Literacy Packet 


Mariann Brown said...

This packet is wonderful! I'm going to try to win it for my class!

Karla F Williams said...

I would love to win this for my handicapped son, Jeremy. He loves to learn, and is about kindergarten level. Thank you for considering him.

Mary Schofield said...

I would love to win this! Thanks for all your hard work!

Andrea Upkteacher said...

I would love to win this packet !!

Andrea Upkteacher said...

I would love to win this packet !!

Anna McCurdy said...

This looks like a terrific packet for kids. I am sure they will have fun practicing and learning these concepts with your tasks.
Thanks for the chance to win it.
Regards from Alberta,

CK Photo said...

Love this, it would be used well in my classroom.

Barbie said...

I would love to win this packet!!! I am up to 29 students in my kinder class and being a new teacher, I am overwhelmed with everything and not much time to prepare lessons. This would make my weekend to win this. Thanks for giving us the chance for such an awesome packet!! Have a great weekend!!

Sarah Paul said...

Another AMAZING packet Annie! Good work! I hope you and your family are doing well. Happy fall my friend. :)

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Miss Amanda said...

As always, you rock and make my life awesome! Thank you for all your hard work, Annie!

Angela Martin said...

If there's a chance to win this set...I would love to enter! There are countless great ideas and time is so limited! Thank you!

Traci - Dragonflies in First said...

You are amazing! This is fabulous!

Miss Amanda said...

My preschooler saw my kinder's printed book of these and is now begging that he has his own. I guess I'll be printing 2 sets. Thanks again!

Mrs. Glick said...

Is there a possibility of there being a first grade version of this sometime? (Even another season:)

Annie Moffatt said...

Yes :) I am working on a 1st Grade packet and I am so excited about it! I had quite a few requests so it should be out in a week or so :) Thanks for asking!!
Annie :)

cassie friesner said...

Last row of falling for rhymes...pen, bun, peck, wag? Cant figure it out, eek!

cassie friesner said...

Seed, feed?

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