Saturday, August 3, 2013

Ready2Read Level 3 Unit 3

We are working through our Ready2Read units and totally enjoying each activity while learning so much!  I have a little girl who always asks if she can do Ready2Read and THAT makes me super happy!

*If you are new to the Ready2Read program, you can see the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.  This is a sequential reading program and it is recommended that children start with Level 1.

Level 3 Theme: Ocean Theme
(not all the printables will be an ocean theme)
Unit 3 Sight Words: round, some, his, any
Unit 3 Word Families: -ar and -ark

Download Unit 3 {HERE}

Due to the size of this unit, I was only able to capture some of the pictures in action.  

Word Family Detective is a super fun activity! You get to use a magnifying glass to search for very tiny word family words.  Then they get recorded on the recoding sheet.  This activity really helps with spelling patterns and fluency. 
Our Word Family Sorting this week was all about the breakfast!  This activity was so cute and so much fun!  I put all of the breakfast pieces together in a pile and Audrey had to read and sort the breakfast pieces according to the word family.  This certainly helps to make learning fun!

It is all about the cute sight word headband! Oh how we love these :)  She gets to color the headband, read the words and wear it all day.  Constantly making connections and physically interacting with the sight words really helps to make the sight words stick!

The Box Them Up page is a great challenge!  The boxes also help to physically see the letters sequence, which inevitably helps with spelling patterns.

 Tic-Tac-Toe Sight Words is another fun game to keep learning fast-paced and interactive...
Color by Sight Word Coloring Page...always a favorite!

Our Word Slides are also another hands-on way to practice those word families...

We colored our sight word starfish and added them to our sight word wall, which is a great way to constantly review our sight words...

Stamping those sight words with some blue raspberry smelling stamps keeps this activity fun.  
Sight Word Graphing and Word Family Graphing!
I love using various fonts in our these resources because they allow students to read and recognize words in variety of printed and published styles.
Roll, Trace and Check it off!
Fast and fun! Great way to practice those sight words!

This game board helps with fluency because all of the sentences work on this weeks word families and sight words.  

Oh how I LOVE our Word Family Wall!  Look at these cute little divers that have our weekly word families on them!  The Word Family Wall is a very important part of Ready2Read because we are constantly interacting with the pieces that we place on the wall.  This is perfect for a spiral review and to help work on fluency.
Our Read and Write the Room is a FAVORITE!  It is a fun and educational scavenger hunt for word families and sight words!  

Decorate your sight words is always fun!  We kept is simple this week and just used dot makers. 

This little honey is so proud of her Ready2Read Reading Certificate! I'm super proud, too!!

Here is a look at our Ready2Read Word Wall after only 3 units!  It makes me want to go to the beach!

That wraps it up for Ready2Read Level 3 Unit 3!

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