Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Raccoon Rumpus GIVEAWAY!

I have an ADORABLE giveaway for you today!  I absolutely LOVE Educational Insights because they create products that are FUN and educational!  We were recently given the opportunity to review a new product called Raccoon Rumpus.  We LOVE playing games and this one was so much fun!

Raccoon Rumpus is a super cute game where the raccoons have raided your closet and are now having a party!  Players get to help the bandits get dressed and the critter who collects the most costumes wins!
How to play:
1. Players take turns rolling both the jumbo die and jumbo costume die.  They search for costume cards to match their dice.
2. Place the matching costume card onto your raccoon.
3. The first person to collect 5 costume cards wins!  Watch out... roll the underwear and you lose your costumes!

The littlest Moffatt Girl LOVES this game!  It is easy to play and FUN!  This is PERFECT for her because it teaches her how to wait her turn, the rules are simple enough for her so she doesn't get frustrated and it also helps her learn good sportsmanship when she doesn't win ;)

The oldest Moffatt Girl (6 years old) also LOVES this game!  Games are great for kids because they are FUN and also help with social interaction.  I played the game with them a few times, but then they wanted to play by themselves... for a long time!  I enjoyed playing this game with them because it is simple and not too time consuming.  
Like all of Educational Insights products, the pieces are durable, colorful and high quality! 
You can also purchase this product {HERE}

Now for YOUR chance to win a set for your classroom or home!
Enter the rafflecopter below..


Jennifer White said...

SO cute!
First Grade Blue SKies

Marsha McGuire said...

How cute are these? Darling
A Differentiated Kindergarten

Jodi said...

Your little girl is soooo adorable!!
Fun In First

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