Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Curriculum Choices 2013-2014

I have received a few emails asking about our curriculum for 2013-2014 so I thought I would here.  I can't believe that the school year is already about to start!  We have some professional Back to School pictures coming soon!

Audrey - 1st Grade

Reading: We will continue with Ready2Read Level 3 since it is working so well, she loves it  and she is reading above grade level.  We will also be including our new Reading Comprehension Packet.

Spelling: All About Spelling- Last year we looked into trying this program, but it was too much for Audrey at a Kindergarten level and I didn't want to push her.  However, this looks like a good fit this year and I am excited to give it a try.

Math: This was an area that I really struggled over because I didn't care for the curriculum that we had last year.  In fact, I just supplemented our math curriculum throughout last year.  I did a lot of research and feel that Singapore Math looks like the best choice for us at this time.  I used their placement test to help determine which level was best for Audrey.  We will be starting in Primary Math 1B, which is about the middle of 1st grade and continue with Primary Math 2A in the middle of the year.

Art: This year we will be using Home Art Studio for 1st grade.  Since this is an area of high interest for Audrey, I also signed her up for art classes and will also use our Draw and Tell.

Writing: After a lot of research , I feel that Write Shop Primary Book B is the best writing curriculum for us.  Write Shop has a placement chart {HERE}. We will be using this along with our Daily Journal Prompts for each month.

Science: We will be trying A Beka (Discovering God's World).  I also have a lot of hands-on science resources that I plan to incorporate it.

Bible: Bible Study Guide has been a great curriculum for us!  I feel that the 3-K curriculum still meets the needs of both girls, so we will continue using it.

P.E.- We are signed up to take some Physical Education class during the week.

Other: I will be making and supplementing resources and I see the need, especially in the areas of math and reading.    I am in the process of creating some Language Arts packets to help teach and reinforce primary skills.

Sophia - Pre-K

At some point this year, I plan on starting Ready2Read Level 1 with Sophia, but right now she is just not ready and we are in no hurry.

At this age it is important that she learns though play and enjoys being a little girl.  But I must say, if I don't have some "school-like" work for her, she will start to cry and get upset.  I need to keep her engaged and make sure that I am meeting her needs.  I don't believe in pushing a child to learn, but I also don't believe in holding them back.

  Here are some of the fun resources that we will be using this year:
* Alphabet Phonic Headbands
*Phonics Watches
*Beginning Sound Scoops
*Letter Sounds and ABC, 123's, Shapes and Colors
*Beginning Sounds (Color, Cut and Paste)
*Alphabet Money
*The Ultimate Color Word Packet
*ABC Cut and Paste Fonts

That is enough to keep us busy until she is ready to start Ready2Read.  Of course we will also be doing a lot of play dough, coloring, cutting and any other fun activity that helps build up fine motor skills.

**Coming Soon...I am super excited to share our classroom pictures with you!  We are still finishing up a few last minute things.


Miss T said...

Sounds like a busy year and lots of fun and learning. Can't wait to see the classroom reveal!

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clambert11 said...

Thank you so much for sharing your curriculum choices. I have a first grader, too, and I plan to use your Ready 2 Read program this year!

Paul Smith said...

Nicely planned. Very well illustrated and explained. Seems like you got everything under control and your preparations are well made. Good luck with your new school year. Keep us updated! :)

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Stacie Henderson said...

My lil man is in First Grade this year too! I am still new to homeschooling, but your curriculum choices look awesome!
We are using Time4Learning again. We used it last year and he did really well with it. So,I thought why not keep using it.
Anyways, Good luck with the new "Home" School Year! ;)

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