Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ready2Read Level 3 Bundled!

These units have taken a LONG time to finish, but I am happy to say they are finished and BUNDLED!

Using the Ready2Read program has made our reading journey so exciting! This hands-on and interactive approach to learning is far more effective than simple black and white worksheets.  Kids learn best when they are having FUN!

This bundle is a massive 652 and will offer the best savings. Each unit is complete with lesson plans and meets all of the Common Core reading foundational skills for 1st Grade.  

This little Moffatt Girl LOVES it!  She is a "Word Family Detective!"

We also offer the mini-bundles...
Ready2Read Units 1 and 2

Ready2Read Level 3 Units 3 and 4

Ready2Read Level 3 Units 5 and 6

Ready2Read Level 3 Units 7 and 8

Ready2Read Level 3 Units 9 and 10

Learning doesn't get better than this...

You can always see these units and "in action" {HERE}.
We are still working on Level 3 and taking it at our own pace :)
If you are new to the Ready2Read program, be sure to check out the information page {HERE}.

You can find all these resources in our store...

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