Saturday, July 20, 2013

Daily Journal Prompts for September!

Our Daily Journal Prompts are such an important part of our writing block.  I have been using our Journal prompts to help develop the writing process and create a love for writing.  They have helped SO much since we started using them last year!  Kids need an opportunity to write on a DAILY basis and this is an perfect way to let them have consistency.   It is easy for me because there is NO PREP...just print and write!

Sometimes I use our journal prompts as a free write and sometimes we use them in a more structured way.  It really depends on the prompt and the goals we have for writing for the week.  I am pretty flexible with our prompts, since the important factor is giving

Here is our September set all ready to go!  I usually just print them and then have them spiral bound so that I have a keepsake of all those precious writing pieces AND I can also see monitor progress.

This packet covers a lot of different topics such as:
*What did you like best about the first day of school?
*What is your favorite thing you did this summer?
*What do you like best about your teacher?
*How do you make a new friend?
And so much more!

These journal prompts are great for K-2 writers because they have both handwriting and lined papers.  

I have found that using journal prompts along with Graphic Organizers have really helped to structure and organize our writing.  Therefore, I also made some adorable graphic organizers.  The graphic organizers can be used with any subject and they make writing that much more exciting!

I know it is not September...yet...but I have to start NOW or I fall behind :)
I hope these make your life a bit easier this year and your kids more successful!  

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Kristen said...

so beautiful and professional-looking, as always Annie! :)

Jennifer White said...

LOVE these!
First Grade Blue SKies

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