Monday, June 10, 2013

Sentence Shuffle!

I wanted to make a fun, hands-on printable that helped practice penmanship and other skills.  The last thing we need is BORING handwriting practice!  I created our Sentence Shuffle packet that is 100 pages long!  I know that this packet will be a big hit because it is full of hands-on FUN!  There is NO PREP needed and all of the pages are black and white!   Just PRINT and GO!

This packet will help kids master the following skills:
*Sentence Structure- Helps students recognize capitals at the beginning of a sentence and proper punctuation at the end of the sentence.  You can also address the structure of a sentence and the components needed to make a complete sentence.   You can have older students identify the predicate, noun, verb and adjective in each sentence.  
*Fine Motor Skills- Cutting and Coloring.  Since kids LOVE to color...this is a huge bonus!
*Perfect Penmanship- After cutting out the pieces of the sentence, shuffling them and pasting them in order, students will need to rewrite the sentence in their best handwriting.

1.  Cut out the sentence pieces at the bottom of the page.
2.  Shuffle the pieces to make a complete sentence.
3. Paste the sentence in the box.
4. Write the sentence.
5. Color the picture.

This 100 page packet covers just about every topic and is perfect to pull out anytime of the year!  
Here are the topics/titles included in this packet:
*Driving the Car
*Up and Down
*The Hospital
*Fun at the Park
*The Library
*Mail Delivery
*The Post Office
*The Police
*Time for School
*My House
*Snack Time
*Snack Time
*The Food Pyramid
*Time to Wake Up!
*Eat Your Vegetables
*A Cherry on Top
*Broken Bones
*Watch Me
*Our Family
*Hoot Hoot
*Planting Flowers
*Jump Rope
*Bike Riding
*Hula Hoop
*Helmet Safety
*Buzzing Around
*Hungry Bear
*Juggling Bear
*Rainy Days
*Hop Hop
*Cluck Cluck
*Funny Clowns
*Clowning Around
*Hungry Puppy
*Playful Friends
*Where's the Peanut
*Fish in the Sea
*Long Neck
*Quack Quack
*My Shadow
*Hungry Hippo
*Wiggly Jellyfish
*Polly Want a Cracker?
*Baby Joey
*Three Little Kittens
*Roar Like a Lion
*No More Jumping!
*Wiggle Your Arms
*Kite Flying
*Fast Birds
*Sammy the Seal
*Rhonda the Raccoon
Ssssneaky Snake
*Itsy Bitsy Spider
*Sally the Squirrel
*Timmy the Tiger
*Sea Turtles
*Whale of a Good Time
*Flower Bear
*Summer in the Pool
*Cute Koalas
*Slow as a Snail
*Gobble Gobble
*Snow Play
*Abraham Lincoln
*Storing Acorns
*Light the Way
*Hidden Treasures
*Giddy Up!
*Apple Picking
*Mouse Trap
*United States
*Beautiful Butterfly
*Be Good to the Earth
*Let's Recycle
*Our Skeleton
*Add it UP!
*Piece of Pizza
*Writing is FUN!
*Big and Small
*Dinosaur Roar
*Science Fun!
*Planet Earth
*Landing on the Moon
*Tic Toc
*Hit the Piñata
*Let's go Sledding

As you can see...there are a LOT of pages!  A lot of FUN learning!

You can find these products in our shops below! 


Leslie Fine said...

Will you be putting this on teachers pay teachers? Pretty please!!??!

Tamara Chilver said...

As a good friend, I have to ask... do you ever sleep? Like for real! You whip together these incredible products within a blink of an eye. Maybe even while you are sleeping.

Misty @ Meet The Cottons said...

can't wait to print these out and get started with my daughter!

Julie McKown said...

These look great Annie! Love them!

The Learning Center said...

New to your blog...great ideas and products! thanks for sharing!!!!! :)

Sarah Hankinson said...

Just fabulous! Will be great to start the year off before having reading groups set up!


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