Wednesday, June 26, 2013


As of July 1, 2013 Google Reader is going away!  Sad I know!  Many of us use Google Reader to follow and read our favorite blogs.  Now Bloglovin' is taking a good way!   Bloglovin' is super easy to join and it will automatically allow you to import all of the blogs that you follow through Google Reader.  Super easy!  I promise!  Even if you don't use Google Reader, Bloglovin' is a great way to start following and reading the blogs you love!

Why join Bloglovin'?
We all want to read and follow our favorite blog, but sometimes we miss out on a post, forget the website or get frustrated at having 30 browsers open at once!   Bloglovin' has made it fun and easy to follow your favorite blogs.

How do you join Bloglovin'?
Simply click the image below to join Bloglovin' and follow The Moffatt Girls!  The process is VERY easy and you will be able to read and follow all of your favorite blogs!

Let's stay connected this summer with Bloglovin'!


Kelli Wood said...

I follow you :) please feel free to follow back! I just started my new blog Homeschooling with Monster. We are going to begin our first year of homeschooling this Sept!!!

Annie Moffatt said...

I'm following you Kelli!!

randy said...

nice post, and review of bloglovin.

check out Gadgets

Tracey Schumacher said...

Hi Annie! Thank you for the post. It was very helpful! I am confused about something with my own blog, however. I have both the google friend connect follower counter and the blog lovin' counter. Is google friend connect connected to that google reader? Should I have both on my blog? Confused! Thanks for your help :)
The Teacher’s Chair

karen said...

Thanks for this post! Just signed up. It will take sometime getting used to!
Mrs. Jones’s Kindergarten

Carrie Dawley said...

Thanks for the information on the Bloglovin' switch. I just started following you today. Stop by my blog when you get a chance and follow me! :)

Unfortunately, I'm not really sure how this whole commenting thing will work. For whatever reason, the Bloglovin' comment window wouldn't open correctly. I hope this is just a glitch and not something that will be an ongoing problem. :/ Has anyone else had a problem with it? Any suggestions?

Thanks again!
First Grade with Ms. Dawley

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