Thursday, May 23, 2013

Easy Salt Painting

I love doing art projects with my girls, especially when they are super easy and fun!  The other day we did a very easy salt painting.   Although it is a fun art project, it is not one that you can hang up on the walls and keep around.  When the salt dries, it all falls off and makes a bit of a mess.  In fact, this beauty will eventually find itself in the "round file".   It gets a little messy, but kids LOVE it!  This art project is all about the process.

Supplies Needed:
*white glue
*table salt
*different colored paper
*food coloring or other liquid paints

1) Begin by making a glue design on your colored construction paper.
2) Pour salt over the glue....this part was a little messy so make sure you use a try.  Just like glitter, we sprinkled and then shook the salt around to cover all parts of the glue.
3) Squeeze drops of food coloring and a few drops of water into some sort of container.  Here is the FUN part...  use a paint brush to drip little drops of food coloring onto the glue.  It's magical!  Watch the color spread through your salt line.

I did this with both of my girls and they LOVED it!  The 3 year old said, "Oh Mommy!  My painting is so beautiful!"  Both girls wanted to make several copies of their artwork.  I LOVE easy and fun crafts!

So fun, so easy!


Laura Boriack said...

Looks so fun, thanks for sharing!
Over the 1st Grade Rainbow

Susan Cahalane said...

I love this idea & will use it during my crystals lessons!! Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!

Science for Kids Blog

Julie McKown said...

I have never heard of this! You are so clever! Looks like the girls loved it!
Little Literacy Learners

Gemma said...

This looks great! I wonder if you could laminate these so that they would last...

Amanda Phillips said...

Quick question, Annie. Did you have to let the glue dry before you put the color on? I will do this for a summer project! Thanks for sharing.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Amanda,

Great question. No, we didn't let the glue dry. We just starting painting right after we sprinkled :) SO much fun!!

Lisa Mattes said...

Annie, this is SUCH a fun idea!!! Thanks so much for the post!!! :)

Miss Cosby said...

Looks fun! I was wondering about letting it dry too, thanks for sharing.

You Might Be a First Grader….

Deceptively Educational said...

What an awesome craft! I'd love it if you'd share this at the After School Linky Party on my blog right now:

Kim @ The Educators' Spin On It said...

Thank you so much for sharing on our After School Party. I've shared your post on our After School Pinterest Board!

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