Friday, May 10, 2013

Draw and Tell!

I have a little Moffatt Girl who LOVES to draw!  She will doodle on everything and she draws every single day!  I knew I had to make her something that would feed that need to draw.  So I decided to make a 100 page packet called Draw and Tell!   This has been a HUGE hit in our home, so much that Audrey has even done up to 5 in a day!

This is why I LOVE our new Draw and Tell:
1) It teaches children how to observe and make comparisons.  
By looking at each individual square, children learn to duplicate by comparing spaces and proportions.  I must say that this activity took a few guided examples for Audrey to understand how the process worked, but once she grasped the spacing concept she did great!

2) Children also learn that their ability to draw improves with practice.
This is such an important confidence builder for children!  As children they take their time to complete the drawing they see a picture that they created by following directions!

3) It includes writing!
This is a HUGE bonus!  When kids create ownership of their drawings, they also create ownership of their writing.  They can work on creating a descriptive sentence for their drawing at the bottom of the page.  You could even extend this activity by writing an entire story from the drawing!

We have had so much fun with this packet!  It is a great way to take a break from the daily school work and give kids a chance to just draw.   It's fun, it's simple and it's a brain break!

Here was our simple sentence that included a capital letter a the beginning of the sentence and a capital letter with a proper noun , an apostrophe showing ownership and the proper punctuation mark at the end of the sentence.  
My puppy's name is Spot.

So simple, so effective!
I hope your kids LOVE this!!

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Sarah Hankinson said...

Thanks for the freebie! I'm helping administer state testing next week and will be out of my classroom for 2 full days and 2 half days! This will be a great activity to leave for my firsties to complete.

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Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Sarah! I hope they love it!!

Jackie said...

These are so great. My grandson has done a few grid drawings and I am sure he will love these too.

Katie Knight said...

Oh Annie! This is great! I just wish listed the pack! So so so cute!

Cheryl Ener said...

Your pack is adorable!
Thank youfor the great freebie! :)
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