Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sight Word Texting Codes!

Oh my...I think I just created one of our FAVORITE products.... Sight Word Texting Codes!!  I am thrilled beyond words with how fun and educational this product turned out be!  Cell phones are a very coveted item at our house and they always seem to disappear into the hands of the little Moffatt Girls :)

Therefore....we made some super FUN and effective Sight Word Texting Codes!

Here are ways that you can use this resource:
Print out these adorable glitter cell phones.  Each cell phone has a sight word on them and use can use them to simply read the sight word on the phone.  This is perfect for assessing students on their sight word identification.  Such a great way to add some BLING to your learning :)
Each Sight Word Texting Code Packet contains a blank recording sheet so that you can target sight words that your students are having difficulty identifying or spelling.  Use the cell phones to have students write the words and text the code onto their recording sheets.  

This is the blank recording sheet where students can write the specific words onto the cell phone, input the texting code and write the word again.  Each packet also includes the words in ABC order and in random order, which gives you a lot of options on how to use this resource.  
Texting Code for WHERE = 94373 
Sight Word Texting Codes are also perfect for helping children learn how to SPELL sight words.  As they search for the code for each letter in the sight word they are saying the letters in their head and learning how to spell the word.  For example, Audrey is working on how to spell the word where in the above picture.  She begins by looking for the texting number for w.  In her brain she says, "w....w....w... " and her finger searches to find where the w is on the cell phone.  She locates the w and can see that the texting code is 9.  As students continue to look for each letter and the texting code, they have practiced spelling the word!  FUN!!

This was HUGE hit at our home!  
We are working on 2nd, 3rd grade and the Fry list as well!  



I think learning should be FUN and this definitely helps!!

You can find these resources and more in our shops below!


Cynthia said...

This looks SO great! Practice with sight words AND with finding the correct letters AND with writing numbers! Its going on the top of my wishlist! Love it!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank you so much, Cynthia! It has really helped to make learning fun!!

Kristen Smith said...

Oh my! This is SO much fun!! My first graders are going to FLIP for it!!

A Day in First Grade

Rackley said...

Love it! Is there a way to make the cell phones in a Black and White colorable format? I have to print from a black and white printer, and think it would be much more cool for my kids to color their cell phones. :) Thanks for making this activity. I can't wait for the 2nd and 3rd grade levels!

Tamara Chilver said...

I LOVE the bling! Your creativity is absolutely incredible!

Barbara Leyne said...

Very cute and clever!
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Heidi Butkus said...

These look wonderful , Annie!

amber said...

I love this! This will be so great for my kiddos!

Julie McKown said...

Oh my goodness. These are amazing! I love them! Great work Annie!!

Katie Knight said...

Annie. This is too too too cute, just like you and your darling girls!

Jen Flynn said...

These are so beautiful! I teach fourth grade and am wondering if you have any blank ones. If I could just print the blank ones, I could use them as a spelling word center.

Your work is awesome!

Julie Goode said...

I LOVE the bling! Thank you so much for sharing :)
The Techie Teacher

Courtney said...

I adore this! Is there any way to include blank cards in the pack so they can be used for spelling words as well?

Fluttering Through First Grade said...

Annie these are SERIOUSLY AMAZING! How fun are these?! They may just be our favorites too! AND the glitter frames are fabulous. Such a fun way to practice sight words! Love love love these!

~Christy & Tammy
Fluttering Through First Grade

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