Monday, April 15, 2013

1,500 Ladybugs and a FREEBIE!

We just released 1,500 ladybugs into our garden!  Yes...1,500!!  Each spring we buy a container of ladybugs to release into our garden and the girls just LOVE it!  It give us a chance to look closely at the ladybugs and it is so much fun!

Here are what the ladybugs look like when we open the container.  They just keep coming and coming!   It is amazing!
It is so fun to watch the girls look at the ladybugs and talk about them!  They discover that some have spots and some do not.  They talk about the sizes of the ladybugs and how many aphids they might eat. Such a simple and wonderful science discovery!

Here are some fun facts about ladybugs:
* There are about 5,000 different species of ladybugs
* Ladybugs live for about 1 year
*Ladybugs release a bad smelling and tasting order to deter predators
* Ladybugs can play dead :)
*Ladybugs are actually beetles

I LOVE spring!!
In case you want to pick up your own set of ladybugs, you can try your local hardware store!  Mr. Moffatt picked up the ladybug container for $6.99.  Last year he also brought home a container of Praying Mantis!  It was NOT my favorite, but I will post about them if he decides to bring them home again.

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Nina Norris said...

Love this idea!!! AND thanks for the freebie. Your site is incredible.
Nina Norris

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