Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Daily Journal Prompts for January!

Writing is an area that we are ready to place more focus on, starting this January!  Although we have done a bit of writing here and there, I am super excited about our Daily Journal Prompts for January!  These Daily Journal Prompts are a great way to give students an opportunity to write in a daily response journal or even a more guided and structured setting.

These daily Journal Prompts for January are designed to work for K-2 students and can be used to meet many Common Core Standards for writing!  I love these journal prompts because that students can really create ownership of their own writing and feel successful.  The Daily Journal Prompts can be used as:
*A Daily Response Journal
*More structured and guided journal writing

If you have beginning writers who are still working on proper letter formation and spacing, the handwriting pages are perfect!  This packet also include lined pages for students who more skilled with letter formation and spacing.  

I had our journal pages spiral bound and now Audrey is super excited about having her "own" January Journal book.  It only cost a couple of dollars to have it done and so well worth it.  We will be starting our Daily Journal Prompts in January!
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FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

These look great!
First Grade Blue SKies

Primary Possibilities said...

Love Love Love your stuff. I recently started following you on TpT!!

We are going to be hosting a guest blog hop over at our blog and would be honored if you would participate. Thank you for considering. Stephanie

Miss Kindergarten said...

I love it!!

Gladys said...

These look fabulous, Annie! <3

Barbara said...

Those look very cute:)
Grade ONEderful
Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

Sarah Cooley said...


Jackie said...

These look so great! I can't wait to give them a try with my grandson who isn't much for writing. Maybe these will help.

Sarah Paul said...

These look great Annie!

By the way, I blogged about you today. :)
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

Ms.M from Teachingisagift said...

I saw your product on Pinterest and thought I must invite the Moffatt Girls to join the New Year Linky Party at There are lots of other TPT authors and teacher bloggers ringing in the New Year with style...come and join us!

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