Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christmas Learning Day #7

Like most of you, we have been super busy around here and we are totally enjoying our Christmas learning days!  Today we had a lot of fun with our Santa's Base 10 gifts from our 10 Christmas Math Centers pack!

I have been putting each new set of printables into a cute jar or some sort of holder that I picked up from the Dollar Store.  This extra touch has really made the centers that much more special:)  I was so happy with Audrey's progress with this math center.  This was something that we have worked on in the past, but it really showed me that she has the concept down!

I really wanted to continue practicing this math center so I decided to make it a part of our Christmas tree!  We all LOVE it!  There are little presents on the left and base ten blocks on the right.  Audrey can practice counting a set of base ten blocks and then match it to the present with the correct number!  I really like to keep learning resources up so that we can refer back to them for extra practice!  Review is the key, especially when it is fun!

The girls enjoy coloring and I love it when it can be both fun AND educational!  Our Christmas Color by Sight Word Sentences have been a great outlet for a need to color:)  Even the littlest Moffatt Girls did a page!  I color coded it with crayons and she did the rest on her own!  She was so proud of herself:)  Of course, Audrey could color all day long and she enjoyed her page as well!

It was all about penguins today so we did a penguin page from our Winter Math Word Problems.  We are trying to completely master word problems so we can move on to the next level.  Most kids struggle with word problems, so doing these on a daily basis has really helped!  It is easy for her to finish a sheet because it involves coloring, cutting and pasting!  This printable is so hand-on that it really helps reinforce the concept.

A quick trip to the aquarium to see the penguins was also on the list of things to do today!  The girls were so excited to see the penguin exhibit!  It really added a lot of interest to our fun day of learning.  One of the perks of homeschooling is that you can take a quick trip to the Aquarium any day of the week!

The girls also had an early Christmas present from Daddy, our new bunny Brownie!  This little girl is IN LOVE with her bunny!  He nibbles a little like most bunnies do, but he is much happier since we got him a new cage.  These are such sweet days and creating memories is such an important part of our home.
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This is our journey and we LOVE it!!

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Kristen said...

Loved seeing your beautiful work Annie!!

landoflearning said...

Thanks for the great freebie and I'm glad your girls are havintg so much fun!

city said...

thanks for sharing.

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