Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Learning Day #4!

Each day the girls wake up and wonder what new craft they are going to make and what new things they are going to do today!  They are enjoying some FUN Christmas learning and so am I :)

Candy Cane Addition from our 10 Christmas Math Centers is on our list today!

Everything has to start off with a cute tray from the dollar store:)  Learning is always better when it is in a cute snowman learning tray...right? 

I am so glad that I wrapped our 24 Christmas books for the girls this year because the absolutely LOVE it!  In fact, they always ask if they could open just one more book.  One little Moffatt Girl opens a book and the other one unwraps it.   These are such precious days and I am thankful that I can capture them!
Our Winter Math Word Problems have been so helpful in mastering and solving simple word problems.  Color, cutting, pasting...

Next, we did this DARLING little stocking stuffer craft (FREE) from Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher.  I LOVE her crafts!  Sophia was able to cut it out all by herself:)  The girl LOVES to cut!

This is not rocket science or even that fancy, but it sure made the girls smile!  We had a pinterest inspired breakfast:)  

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Check out our fun Christmas Math Centers in our shops below!

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