Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Learning Day #2- FREE Gingerbread Pack!

We are totally enjoying our Christmas learning!  You know it must be fun when we they are begging to do school:)  Today we did our Gingerbread Math and Literacy Packet, which you can pick up for FREE!
Click {HERE} to get your FREEBIE!

Check out what is included in our FREE Gingerbread Math and Literacy Pack...
*Color by Sight Word Gingerbread
*Color, Cut and Paste Math Word Problems
*Decorate you Gingerbread with writing
*Gingerbread Phonics Watches
*Sight Word Watch for the word "see"
*Domino Addition

The phonics watches were a hit!  This was such a great way to teach that the g makes a hard AND soft sound.  This little one was so proud of her watch!  
Audrey enjoyed making her watch too, but she mostly enjoyed holding our new bunny while making her watch.  Our new bunny's name is Brownie.  Brownie does school with us every day.

The girls also worked on their Color by Sight Word Gingerbread!  They LOVE to color and this really helps reinforce sight words and lets them enjoy a coloring page:)

Our Gingerbread packet also includes a piece to decorate your gingerbread and write a sentence describing your gingerbread.  Obviously this Gingerbread LOVES pink...

This packet also includes Gingerbread Domino Addition...

I also included some cut and paste gingerbread word problems in this packet.   I think that learning how to solve word problems are super important, but kids don't always like to draw a picture of each thing.  Therefore, the built in manipulative are perfect!  We also have a full version of our Cut and Paste Winter Word problems {HERE}.

Here is a pinterest inspired candy cane thumbprint craft!  So cute and EASY!

Other fun Christmas and Gingerbread activities...

For a quick craft, I picked up a little chain making pack at Target in the dollar section.  Audrey really had a good time putting these together.  I have good memories about doing these in school:) 

We ended our Gingerbread unit wearing our "see" sight word watch and munching on some apples.  It was a FUN day of learning.  And yes, this is our everyday school attire :)

If you missed DAY 1 of our Christmas learning, you can check it our {HERE}.
Be sure to come back tomorrow for more fun learning!

*Many of the items in our FREE Gingerbread Math and Literacy Packet are also available in FULL sets.  

Head on over to our shop to pick up your FREE Gingerbread unit!

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FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Those girls are beautiful! Thanks for the freebie!
First Grade Blue SKies

Chrissy said...

Annie, you are so generous. Thank you!

Love the picture grids--and the girls! Have you found Photogrid? I'm a bit obsessed. :-)

Michele Latham said...

What a great resource! I'm glad I found your blog. I'm always in need of ideas...babysitting 5 kiddos!

Lisa Parnello said...

What an amazing freebie set! Thanks! I've got some snowman crafts and a freebie on my page today too :)

The Lower Elementary Cottage

Traci said...

Ridiculously amazing freebie!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the everyday school attire. She cracks me up!

teachertam said...

Annie, What an awesome freebie! My class will love it! My son is OBSESSED with making gingerbread cookies, so we'll be using the set at home, too! Thank you, so much! FYI, I tried leaving feedback at your TN store, but had trouble?

Lori Rosenberg said...

Love the freebie!
Love your pictures!
Love you!
Thanks so much, Annie!
Ѽ Lori
Teaching With Love and Laughter

Crayons and Curls said...

How fun! I love this freebie! Thank you so much! Your girls are adorable - I love the princess outfit!! :)
Crayons and Curls

Molly said...

What a fabulous post! I loved reading more about you over on Freebielicious! Your girls are adorable and I love that Sophia doesn't love can certainly hold that over her in the future :) Thanks for sharing such a great freebie!

Lucky to Be in First

Lori The Kindergarten Pod said...

Your daughter's are beautiful! I did think you teamed up with your sister so it was neat to read about your family! Love your blog and love your products!

Melissa said...

I sure do appreciate all the wonderful materials you create! I have a two girls, each a bit younger than yours, so you're always one step ahead of me. :)

learningmyself said...

Thanks so much for the great freebie! Super cute! Your family is wonderful! You are so lucky..I like the home school ratio much better, too! Congratulations on all you are!!! Amy :)

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