Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas Learning Day #1 and a FREEBIE!

Christmas is quickly approaching and I am super excited about the fun things we have planned!  We recently put up a Christmas tree to help with our 10 Christmas Math Centers Pack! This pack is full of hands-on math centers that help teach and reinforce Common Core Math Standards!

We started off with the math center that worked on counting by 5's.  Audrey was thrilled when she saw the Christmas ornaments ready for her to hang up!  I simply cut out the ornaments from our 10 Math Centers pack, hole punched the bulbs and attached a wire ornament hanger...just like real Christmas ornaments!

Since all of the numbers were a bit overwhelming, I had her start off by sorting the Christmas ornaments in our cute Christmas decorated pocket chart.  This was a bit less overwhelming for her and really helped nail the concept!

After ordering the ornaments from 5-100, she hung them on the tree!  Oh my goodness...we had so much FUN doing this!  Even little Sophia was ready to help:)  We practiced counting by 5's from the top of the tree to the bottom.  It can't get better than this!

After she finished hanging her bulbs (Sophia helped too), she worked on her independent worksheet.  This was a great assessment for me to make sure that she could independently count by 5's.  To extend the activity, she made a coloring pattern with the worksheet.  Now we are ready to move onto the next math center tomorrow! 

We also worked on one of our favorites....Christmas Color by Sight Word Sentences!  I really think the girl would color all day long if I let her:)  I love that she likes to color our sight word coloring pages because she is practicing sight words AND reading sight word sentences! 

We also opened another one of our wrapped Christmas books as we are counting down to Christmas by opening and reading 1 book a night!  The girls just LOVE it:)  Today we read The Pine Tree Parable

You can find the above resources in these packs...

Here is our Christmas Color by Sight Word Sentences (also available in small packs)...

Now onto the FREEBIE!!  Here is our new Gingerbread Math and Literacy Packet!  This packet includes the following:
*Color by Sight Word Sentence (Gingerbread)
*Winter Math Word Problems (1 addition and 1 Subtraction)
*Phonics Wach for Gingerbread
*Sight Word Watch for "see"
*Decorate Your Gingerbread (with writing)
*Domino Addition
Click {HERE} to get your FREEBIE!

Come back tomorrow and see this pack in action!

Also, be sure to check out our shops for more creative products!


Carla at Preschool Powol Packets said...

These look like so much fun--I think I can adapt them for my 5-year old too! I hope you'll share this post at my new Preschool Christmas Party linky (!

Ms.M said...

That is just too cute Annie. Love the ornament idea and her very own learning x-mass tree. Just perfect. So my question is on x-mass day does she get gifts under that tree too? j/k LOL


Carly said...

Thank you so much! Really cute!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

WOW!!! These are wonderful! Your posts are such a blessing! Smiles and stop by anytime!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

WOW! This post is exploding with color and creativity! I am in total awe (like always)!

Reagan Tunstall said...

What a fun day. I just LOVE it! Next year I am totally going to wrap all my school Christmas books and copy your idea!!!

Carol West Henderson said...

I absolutely love each and every one of your sets. How about making some Bible story sets for us Christian school are so talented, I know they would be terrific !!
Thanks and blessings,
Carol Henderson

Three Chicks & One Egg said...

I just got the math centres printed today, picked up my laminator yesterday and can't wait to get everything ready to be used this week! Thanks for the freebie - it will be lots of fun. BTW, I love seeing shorts in December. We were above zero deg celsius today, but a LONG way from wearing shorts! Enjoy!

Carol West Henderson said...

Thank you all of your sets, they are darling and so helpful. I wish I could get them all. How about some Bible story sets for us Christian school gals. I know they would be adorable !?!
Thanks and Blessings,
Carol Henderson

Raevers said...

I absolutely ADORE your products. I hope you don't mind, but the Christmas tree skip counting ornaments is too cute, and I have just the place for it in my room, so we are doing it! THANK YOU for sharing your talent and expertise! Rachel

Tales of a First Grade Teacher said...

Love the ornaments and the freebie. Thanks :)

Cecilia said...

Thank you so much. Your products are simply wonderful!

Mrs. Lindsey said...

Thank you for sharing! Everything you make is so darn cute!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Miss Kindergarten said...

Annie, you are simply amazing! Your girls are so lucky to have you!!

landoflearning said...

Sounds like you girls are having a blast! Love the book idea. I just might steal that for next year. Thanks for the freebie too!!

Teacher and Life Long Learner said...

Wow! You just made my night!

Raevers said...

Your girls are so blessed to have you as their teacher, and the pics show just how engaged they are, loving the products you make for them. I L.O.V.E. the Christmas pack! Just another phenomenal product from you. What an absolutely beautiful family you have (even the Mr. in all his resistance to the blog!). So glad you were featured on Freebilicious! <3

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