Saturday, November 3, 2012

Magic Moves Electronic Wand GIVEAWAY!

I have a giveaway that I think everyone is going to LOVE!  Educational Insights had created a product called Magic Moves Electronic Wand and we are loving it!

What is it?
Magic Moves is an electronic wand that gets kids moving!  This adorable wand has ninety different commands that get kids exercising, moving their bodies and using their listening skills!  We all know that our kids need to get moving a bit more the Magic Moves wand makes is so much fun!

How Does it Work?
When you push the play button on the wand, kids hear and follow the command.  The commands are designed to get your kids up and moving.  Each command is accompanied by music that compliments the command.
Here are just a few of the FUN commands that kids can do:
*Stomp like a dinosaur (with stomping dinosaur sounds)
*Flutter like a butterfly
*Roll like a pumpkin
*Soar like an eagle
*Prowl like a cat

The Moffatt Girls absolutely LOVE this Magic Moves Wand!  It also has a button so you can repeat the moves if you want.  Trust me, this button really gets used and there are so many giggles in our house:)  I think most of the giggles are because I am also doing the move with them.

The only problem I am having with our Magic Moves Wand is we only have one!  These little Moffatt Girls have had a hard time sharing with this fun product.

I really WISH that I had this tool when I was in the classroom teaching!  We totally love it at home, but I could have really put the Magic Wand to use on those rainy school days when you had to stay in during recess.  As a teacher, I always dreaded those rainy days.

So here is YOUR chance to win your own Magic Moves Electronic Wand!  I seriously wish I had 100 of these to give away!

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Mrs. McHaffie said...

This would be an AWESOME addition to our class "brain breaks!"

Beg, Borrow, Steal

Kristin said...

YES, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Crayons and Curls said...

I would so love one of these! How fun! :)

Kinderkids said...

This would be so much fun to use with my kinders! I love it!

Tish said...

I accidentally clicked the enter button before listin my pinterest link so here it is:
Sorry about that!

Amy Frye said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Joe Oh said...

What a great way to transition the kids to their next activity...I can't say who will have more fun with or the kids?

Thanks for sharing the new products that are out there.

krazyforK said...

looks great! hope i win! leigh ann

Traci said...

Oh My GOODNESS! I MUST have one of these!

Christen said...

This looks really cool! Good luck to everyone!

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