Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Geometric Shapes GIVEAWAY!

Learning Resources has a fantastic 3-D geometric shape set called Real World Folding Geometric Shapes and we are super excited to be able to give one away to one of our readers!

When we first received this Geometric Shapes set in the mail, the girls were very eager to rip open the box and explore!  This set is such a great resource for exploring and learning all about 3-D shapes.  I remember teaching about shapes in the classroom and the only tool I had was a flat shape piece that I would put up on the overhead protector.  I would try to explain how the shapes fold up to make a 3-D shape.  This was a difficult concept for students to grasp.  Oh how I WISH I had this resource! 

How does it work?
This set includes 8 shapes: cute, cylinder, hexagonal prism, rectangular prism, triangular prism, square pyramid and a triangular pyramid.   There are 24 different durable nets (inserts) for the shapes.   

When we started pulling out the shapes and playing with them, there was a lot of excitement!  The girls wanted to try the ice cream cone, the paint can, treasure box, a piece of cake and every shape.  I LOVE how the inserts are real world items that children can see, touch and conceptualize.   

I was a bit worried that the inserts would not hold up, but I was pleasantly surprised!  The littlest Moffatt Girl even dropped the plastic shapes a few times, and they didn't break!  With a little help, the girls were able to manipulate the nets into the shapes.  It was neat to see them look at the unfolded net and try to figure out which shape it made.  

I also like the fact that this resource lends itself to learning about edges, vertices, and points.   We are not quite ready for that learning experience, but we are totally enjoying the simple uses.  Included with the product is a guide that offers ideas on how to use and teach 3-D shapes.  Kids can even have fun designing their own inserts!

Now for YOUR chance to win this resource!


krazyforK said...

this looks awesome! hope i win! leigh ann

Nicole Heinlein said...

This looks like such a great resources when teaching 3-D shapes! Thanks for the opportunity!
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