Friday, October 19, 2012

Sight Word Watches (Fry's 100 List)

I recently did a survey on my Facebook page about which list of sight words you use when teaching.  Do you use the Dolch set of sight words?  Do you use Fry's List?  Do you use another set of sight words?  Apparently the camp is equally split.  Some use Dolch, some use Fry's, some use another set.  If you are interested, I came across a great explanation of the difference between the Dolch list and the Fry list {HERE}.

I typically use the Dolch list, but I am not opposed to the Fry list.   I just wish everyone just used the same set of sight words!  It would make things a lot easier! :)

At any rate, I had quite a few requests to create our Sight Word Watches with the Fry's list.  

We also have these available in the Dolch Lists:
The Bundle (Pre-Primer - 1st Grade)

To find these resources in my shop below...


Jackie said...

Thanks for sharing the link that explains the difference. I have wondered that same question many times, just didn't take the time to look it up. Thanks again.

Brandy said...

Hey Annie! I am the one that left the looong review of the Bible curriculum called Bible Study Guide for All Ages. I was just wondering what you thought of it after using it for a while. We still love it, but I know that different families like different things so I was curious. Hope you are loving it!

Lynne said...

Thanks so much for doing stuff with the fry words- would love to see some of your other sight word things in fry version too. We have to use that list in our district. We do the frist 200 words in first grade (the first 50 we review from first grade). I would love to see the color by number words in fry word version!!

Lynne said...

boy- bad typing- we review the first 50 Fry words from kindergarten, I meant to say.

Maria Manore said...

Hi Annie,
I just wanted to pop by and say THANK YOU so much for voting for my classroom!


Julie McKown said...

These are fantastic Annie!!
Hope you are doing well my friend! I feel like I've been so out of the loop lately!!
Little Literacy Learners

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