Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Elapsed Time Clock Review and GIVEAWAY!

I have another great giveaway for you!!  Educational Insights has some fantastic products that help making teaching easy and FUN!  I was recently able to review Watch it!  Elapsed Time Clock by Educational Insights!  Anything with some extra hands-on learning goes over well at The Moffatt Girls house!

What is it?
Watch it!  Elapsed Time Clock is a great way to show and teach kids how to understand elapsed time. As we all know, this can be one of the hardest time concepts to teach.  This adorable product comes in the form of two large analog wrist watches!  Underneath each watch are corresponding digital times.  In the back, you can see all the mechanical workings of these watches!

How does it work?
You begin by setting your minute and hour hand for your first wristwatch (left side) to a specific starting time.

Next, set the other wristwatch (right side) to the amount of time that has elapsed.  The digital clocks will automatically adjust so students can see both types of clocks!

Now you ask a question relating to elapsed time.
For example: If Audrey went to the park at 10:00 and came home at 2:00, how much time did she spend at the park?  Of course Audrey thought this was such a great question because that is a loooong time to spend at the park:)

The black stop watch in the center of the wristwatches reveals the amount of time that has elapsed when pressed.  How cute it that?  We played it like a game and it is something that we really need to work more on, but I am so glad we have this resource to use!  Like I said, elapsed time can be a challenging concept for kids to fully grasp.

Here is your chance to WIN your own Watch it!  Elapsed Time Set!

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Miss Squirrels said...

That is really cool- I have trouble with elapsed time myself!!!

Going Nutty!

Jessica said...

Great giveaway!

Learn, Play & Have Fun

TheJobBoys said...

Perfect time for a great giveaway. My boys are doing time in school this would help.

Jackie said...

How cool! We haven't even begun this concept. I know The Director would LOVE this...especially being able to see the workings in the back. Thanks for the chance to win.

meghan said...

My students struggle SO much with this concept. This would be amazing!

Third Grade in the First State

meghan said...
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Audra Shontz said...

I taught elapsed time to 4th grade last year and we came up with a great and easy way to calculate elapsed time. It would take me a while to write (and it is my bed time haha) but if you're interested let me know. Even my big strugglers ended up getting it. :) Feel free to e-mail me at Love the clocks above by the way.

Meagan Liani said...

What an awesome product!!

debijackson said...

this would be great for Oliver
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Maria Manore said...

I am so excited about this giveaway!


Terre Dean said...

Nice blog. This is an interesting way to teach kids about elapsed time. Time is very important and kids should know the importance of time in their life. They can keep a track of their time by various time tracking tools available in the market.

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